Thursday, July 28, 2011


I wanna die. haha. I am super super tired and I am not yet finished writing my 2 blog posts. So I decided to post a quick haul I did ago. I met up with Say of . She's so busy with her work and studies, but she still managed to meet up and respond to my makulit na messages before. =p

She is selling 8pcs fake lashes per set for only PHP 100.00! CHEAP. SUPER CHEAP.

I am not a fan of fake eye lashes because I am not that experimental when it comes to my look, but I want to try it! So I bought 2 set from her.

I really like the eye lashes! the left one is much shorter than the right set. I like the shorter one better because I think it will look more natural compared with the set I got on the right. It is super LONGGG., for exaggeration purposes, I guess? =p

I bought these for only 200.00 all in all. not handling fee or whatever. After all, we met naman sa ust. ^^ .,

That's all for now. Let's be busy! haha lols.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I didn't know fake lashes can be bought at P100. :P

Does she sell glue rin? :D

MissGennD said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Say's lashes! I got 6 of them~ Hihihi!
Followed you dear~

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Janinay: NO EH :( ., but yes. the lashes are so cheap. they are good din! ^^ , u can check her fb page for the lashes. :D

MissGennD: I will add another for that. thank u ! >:D< ., I didn't buy a lot kasi I don't use lashes often. but It looks great when I tried it! :D

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