Thursday, July 28, 2011


I wanna die. haha. I am super super tired and I am not yet finished writing my 2 blog posts. So I decided to post a quick haul I did ago. I met up with Say of . She's so busy with her work and studies, but she still managed to meet up and respond to my makulit na messages before. =p

She is selling 8pcs fake lashes per set for only PHP 100.00! CHEAP. SUPER CHEAP.

I am not a fan of fake eye lashes because I am not that experimental when it comes to my look, but I want to try it! So I bought 2 set from her.

I really like the eye lashes! the left one is much shorter than the right set. I like the shorter one better because I think it will look more natural compared with the set I got on the right. It is super LONGGG., for exaggeration purposes, I guess? =p

I bought these for only 200.00 all in all. not handling fee or whatever. After all, we met naman sa ust. ^^ .,

That's all for now. Let's be busy! haha lols.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thanks to miss Diane. This is the first time I received a blog award. It's so awesome that this is entitled as 5 BLOG AWARDS! KUDOS KUDOS! >:D

Now, as part of receiving and passing over the blog awards.. Here are the 7 facts about me:

1) My name is Christine Reyes. I don't know if it sinks in your great minds but I have the same name or screen name (if this is not her real name) with Cristine Reyes (minus the "h"., haha). when I studied in ust taking up med tech, my seatmate's name is ma. kristina barbara reyes.... kristina reyes. sooo cooolll. hahaa. =p seating beside each other. and when I transferred to another school, I found out that there is someone (higher level than me I think) who is named Kristine Reyes. I don't know if that's the correct spelling, but she has that name. OMG. my name is so commoonn. :)) ., BUT THE TRUTH IS., saying that my name is so awesome and cool because it is rare to be in that situation, GIVES ME an AWKWARD feeling. :| I ended up not liking my name, and it kinda lessens my self-esteem. I always think that the actress is so well-known and popular, it gives me the feeling that i am being compared with her. AND OF COURSE I KNOW SHE IS SO HIGH TO REACH. But oh well. There's nothing I can do about my name, isn't?

2) I am an ALMOST-true-blooded- thomasian. :)) ., I studied in UST since kidergarten all the way to grade school, high school, and 2nd year college. I really hate Science (but I am happy to inform you that I was once a DL during my med tech years) and Medical Technology is not a joke. REALLY. NO SOCIAL LIFE. NO BREAKS. It is usually 6 days of classes and you start your class very early, ended up super late! I didn't fail any subjects, but I knew that I would not be able to finish it. I am now taking up Applied Economics and Accountancy.

3) Every time I follow other people in their blogs, I do not leave comments. hehehe. Because I am a lazy girl, I am usually a silent reader. Just reading your blogposts, then switched to another and so on! I usually read blogs for 2-3 hours! Imagine! :))

I am challenging myself from now one, that every time I read your blogs, I will try my best to leave a comment. At least 3 comments a day? eh? =p


This is really really bad for me. Especially in a relationship. -_- . It really really sucks. I sometimes wish that I should not have experienced this in the past/now, because I am too young to handle this kind of emotions and I NEED TO STUDY FIRST AND GRADUATE. (mind you, our situation is not your typical kind of stories., I just wish it is.haysss)

5) I LOVE READING COMICS LIKE Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead,. all archie comics edition. It makes me relaxed. sooo muuccchh. ^^

6) I am the only one in my family who WANTS make-up! :| ., I do not know why! My 2 sisters, and my mom do not put make-up even a powder everyday. However, I always want to look myself presentable and with make-up like powder, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and lipstick. Maybe I was adopted? lols

7) My biggest frustration is my face becoming acne-prone. :(( Skin care is something that is hard to experiment. When you get the wrong product, expect that you'll get a blemish or black heads, etc. It is a trial and error in my case. It really makes me sad. And this is one thing that I do not have patience. But during those waiting time, these blemishes are visible and can easily affect the rest. I JUST HATE IT. "mapaexpensive or mapamura, kapag hindi hiyang sayo., wala ka talagang magagawa" SIGHS.

The Favorite Questions :

Name your favorite colors:
Pink/Hot Pink, Black, Vintage Brown, Red, Green, any pastel colors, bronze

Name your favorite song:
I don't think I have. I am not a music lover. But I DO listen to music

Name your favorite dessert:
Mango grahams! :) and fruits (mango, lychee, durian)

What pisses you off:

Bitch.., girls/boys who have nothing but do some shits in their life (especially when someone is affected with their deeds)
When your upset you:
I tend to cry, and cry, and cry. OR I go out and look for my B and just be with him. OR (again) read blogs do some beautiful things

Your favorite pet:
 DOGS! ^^

Black or white:

Your biggest fear:
to end up being nothing and unemployed? :)) and lose my love ones (OF COURSE)

Best feature:
My hair? :)) 

Everyday Attitude:
Never Lose Hope. Just DO YOUR BEST and EXPECT LESS. ^^

What is perfection:

Guilty pleasure:
Make-ups and skin-care products

There You Go! ^^ Did you get intrigued? :D

Here are the Awards :

With this award comes some rules:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

 I joined the world of blogging because of these people. They are the ones who I keep on reading their blogs every single day, and the ones who inspired me to have courage to try it because of what I feel towards it, etc .  I began sending comments and messages (in the point of getting to know each other) to others as well, so I included them here too. I AM HAPPY TO LIST DOWN THE GIRLS WHO MADE ME ENJOY BLOGGING. :D
I wanted to included Miss Diane, but she is the one who tagged me. =p

Leave me a comment so I can read yours too. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


YOU STILL HAVE TIME! :) 16 days to go before my giveaway ends!

REVIEW: Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel EyeLiner

whooaaa! The product name is SSOOO LLONNGG!! HAHAHA. Longer than my days of being missing in action. HAHA. Kidding. =p

I am so sorry that it took so long for me to do another post. I was not feeling well and I had so much things to do. I am taking up a double degree course: Applied Economics and Accountancy, which means we have more workloads. haayysss. plus., I was getting lazy. -_- . Yes., That's me. lols

Since my classes got suspended because of the rain! (oh yeahhhh) I decided to use this time to join in giveaways and post this too!

Anyway., I have been using this product for quite sometime. I also got to use this to my 2 sister and my cousin because we had a night out last Saturday! (Hail to that!)

*I actually started taking up pictures last Saturday and supposed to post this at that day, but I ran out of time. :p

I usually use pencil eyeliners (estee lauder) and a liquid liner from Revlon and I only realized now that gel eyeliners are the best among them! It is the easiest when lining your lashes. :)) ., This is the first time I tried one because I always keep on saying I already have a lot of eyeliners and the gel ones will just give the same result. but heck no. they are much better. hihi.


  • very cheap. retails for only  Php 449.00
  • Does not have a weird scent
  • Nicely packed. I also like the glass container because it will help to seal and prevent the product from drying.
  • I love that it has a brush included- and I LOVE THE BRUSH. :) ., I didn't have a hard time using it. and the brush looks sturdy unlike the other free brushes. It also delivers thin and thick lines. :)
say hi to my maybelline smilee. haha

  • I am not good in describing ha., but I think it dries fast when swiped and has a "matte" finish. 
  • not heavy on the lids when applied!
  • Perfect for lining near your lash line. 
  • extremely pigmented
  • very creamy and it glides smoothly
  • long lasting! 
  • minimal budging. But I am not sure if this is a con or a pro because this is my first gel eyeliner and I don't have a clue if the other gel eyeliners budge/smudge horribly! =p
  • some gel eyeliners are said to dry out in the pot after a few months. I HOPE THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE OR ELSE. DEFINITELY NO-NO
  • It budged in the back of my hand. After washing it, I tried rubbing it, and here's the picture

  • It's not that easy to remove once it dries. I tried using the mixture I did (sunflower oil from human nature and philosophy 1 step cleanser) It took me 3-5 minutes to totally erase all the lines I did! lols

  • has limited shades available. I think it only comes in black and brown?

Over all. I cannot emphasize how happy I am the moment I purchased and tried it. Amen. =p ., I think this not cheap and not expensive either to think that it will last long and it is worth the money you paid. ^^

Overall rating 4.5/5 - ONLY BECAUSE IT BUDGED A LITTLE. (I think they all do, it's just a matter of how long it takes to budge or its lasting power)

UPDATE: MY cousin likes this! She is planning to buy this right away. AND I found out, that my mom is using this in her room! She took it! AND THAT'S RARE. She does not use make-up everyday! (once in a blue moon. lols). Maybe I should ask her some money (to lessen my spendings) to buy myself more make-ups? **Giddy. :)) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's the season of lychees! And I am addicted with Lychees. I love Lychees. and Avocado. And Mango. And Grapes. AND. Durian. (lmao ^^)

So YES. Lychees are my Favorite for this season. It gives me a refreshing feeling, PLUS the taste is so amazing. I sometimes eat this as my food for dinner or breakfast =p ., Since I usually eat snacks like burger/shake/isaw/etc around 5 to 6pm. Lychees are my midnight food or sometimes, my dinner.

My skin also needs food. Our body, and efkerz, our face! :)
My post will focus more on how I feed my face with yummy-ness before I leave our house. :)

Before I use moisturizer and sunblock. I have my morning routine like washing, toning and all. I'll make a separate post about my morning and night routine. :D

No one is exempted for not using a moisturizer to your face! These are like food in the eyes of our skin. Even those who have oily skin must use moisturizers for they replenish/hydrate and nourish our skin after washing, toning and After all the harsh, polluted air (and other kinds of dirt) we consume/get outside. When it comes to moisturizers, it is hard to find THE ONE for you. As always, TRIAL AND TERROR WILL BE DONE, unless you are so lucky to find  your destined moisturizer in one trial.

I used to be those people who do not care about her face: How she looks, how great/bad her skin, since I always see my face without any pimples. SO why bother, right? But in the end, I sometimes get 1 or 2 bumps in my face probably because I am getting old and my hormones are changing which may cause this dilemma.

warriors ready! >:D

Those products in the picture are my past and current loves. =p
I stopped using some of it because I realized that some of it are not working for me, and not suitable for me.

here is the list of the products shown in the picture from left to right
Venus and Mars Keep Safe Tinted Facial Sunblock SPF 35
Clinique anti-blemish solution (clearing moisturizer)
2 tubes of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (I have 2 of this too ^^)
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
JASON SUNBRELLAS Facial Natural Sunblock SPF 20
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer waterlight lotion (sunblock)
Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer
Venus and Mars Emu Oil
(I also used Clean and Clear oil-free moisturizer first moisturizer that I used when I was in High School. :D )

So what's my favorite moisturizer among these? Definitely the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL. -this is so light and it glides smoothly! It is suitable for my oily skin. This product is easily absorbed by my skin the moment I cover my face with it. This is what I use in the morning/afternoon. I bought this one (the smallest tube) in Rustan's Makati when I joined Projectvanity's CLinique Party. It costs 1500 php together with the toner and facial wash. It is expensive. That's why I asked my aunt to buy a set also in USA (travel set also since I am still trying the products if it work) with a cheaper price. If you buy this in Clinique USA. You will really get more product with your money. I don't use this in the evening for 1 main reason: I DON'T WANT TO CONSUME TOO MUCH OF THIS! I might end up running out fast! :))) I can't afford to buy this all the time. hihihi. That's why I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion. This one is suitable for dry skin. I am using this in the evening so that my DDMG will last longer and because sleeping in a fully air-conditioned room can dry your skin. Having a thicker moisturizer is not so bad after all to keep it moisturized against it. :D

As for the others. I used the MOISTURE SURGE EXTENDED THIRST RELIEF for my undereyes. AND YES! I AM SAVING IT SO MUCH UNTIL MY AUNT CAN GIVE ME ONE. hihihi. I got this as a freebie in Clinique Makati (Projectvanity's clinique party2). Miss Liz told me that she really really likes this moisturizer even in her undereyes because IT IS THAT GOOD. So I decided to use it in that area only. AND I AGREE WITH HER.

Clinique Anti Blemish solution moisturizer is for those poeple having a horrible nightmare with their blemishes. This is not for those who have 1 or 2 blemishes ha. If you use this all over your face, you must be given a permission by the Clinique SA first because as far as I know, this is too strong. This is also a freebie I got and the SA informed to dab it on the blemish itself and not all over my face. At first, I said to myself, "It's Working!", but for unknown reason, I think my skin got immuned to it. So I just use this if I have no options na. (I am not having breakouts na btw! And if I do, I also have my TBS tea tree oil ^^)

My Emu oil is good as a moisturizer at night. FYI-This is OIL so for those with oily skin, don't dare use this in the afternoon! I stopped using this because I like my Clinique na. AND. This is also good for scars and scratches/gasgas. So I think I well end up using this as a scar remover just in case it really works and true with their claims (that's how I use it. for light scars. NOT SURE IF IT WORKS) SO That this will not go into WASTE. I think this costs less than 500. Or a little over 500 php. Just check their site! =p (

The Juice Beauty Oil-Free moisturizer is expensive too. This costs 1500-1800 php in Beauty Bar. This is one of their bestsellers according to their SA because it is organic. But, I do not like it, nor hate it. It is good, but there is something that bothered me when using this. There's a heat + tingling sensation everytime I use it. It has a long expiration , so I have it as back-up lang. JUST IN CASE. =p

The Venus and Mars Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock is good for those with dry skin. It is a tinted moisturizer PLUS SPF. SO YEAH. THAT'S GOOD. But I found out that this is the culrpit why I always blot twice or thrice a day. This is too oily for me. IMO.

For my sunscreens, I just recently bought these two. JASON SUNBRELLAS NATURAL SUNBLOCK SPF20 FROM Healthy Option. YEAH. from that place. I am not aware of that. And It is surprisingly CHEAP! around 450.00 php(10$) for 4.5oz (120 ml?). Compared to Neutrogena ultra sheer waterlight lotion SPF 50 which cost 460++ php for 30ml. The Jason sunblock is oil-free, hypoallergenic, parabeen free and non-comodogenic. It has UVA/UVB Protection but not stated how high it is.. This is what I use on a daily basis. It looks thick when dispensed, BUT it gets thinner and thinner when applied in my skin. I really really love it. As for my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock, I am still experimenting on it. It has a watery substance and the SPF is high and their PA protection is also high (PA+++). I use this IF I know that I will be having outdoor activities or if I will be most of the time,under the sun. THE 2 PRODUCTS DID NOT BREAK ME OUT, Just to inform you. :D

I ALSO TRIED THE DERMALOGICA SUPER RICH SUNBLOCK SPF 30. This is what I used last summer. I was given 8 samples of it. It is very very thick. I liked it at first, but ended up not liking it because I think this makes me oilier. SO I RECOMMEND THIS for those with dry skin. :)

SO. THAT's IT GUYS! If you have any questions. Leave me a comment. ^^

PS: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE IF YOUR MOISTURIZER SUITS YOU. Get a BLOTTING PAPER (oil control film like clean and clear) and pour a small amount of the product and check how the blotting paper absorbs the oil. Got this from someone's blog post. :) will show you an example next time. :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

REVIEW: NYX Nude on Nude Palette

I was supposed to write this last night, but I was so sleepy already I decided to continue it tonight.

They said that this was inspired from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I am not even sure their claim is true because I do not own an UD Naked Palette. But knowing that this is closed with the NYX Palette, I bought it as a birthday gift for myself last March! :) I was happy because I know my eye shadow collection grew bigger especially with the new shades I got in the palette as well as their lip colors! :)


  • very pigmented (with primer)
  • a mirror compact case together with the palette. That's a bonus! :)
  • 20 shades + 10 lip colors. YOU REALLY GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH
  • the case is sleek enough to tote around if you want to have a variety of colors without bringing so much products when going out or having a vacvation (I only brought this one when I went to Cagayan) 
  • the combination of matte, shimmer, glittery, bold and light shades for office, smokey, neutral, everyday looks :D you have many options for your eye make-up :)
  • the lip colors are amazing too :)
  • easy to blend with other shades
  • the material/plastic used for the container feels cheap! I always think that this may break if it hits the ground by accident
  • useless applicators! (same with other palette)
  • lip colors are little sticky and I don't usually wear lip colors, but at least I can have this in my collection :)
  • lip colors' staying power are so-so. 
  • some shades are miss and hit. There are 2-3 shades that look the same when swatched
  • when shades are used alone (meaning,-no eye primer) you may find it hard to build up the color ((well, some of it)
  • not recommended for those who want crazy, funky and bright colors (for experimental look). this is for those who want an everyday look, or smokey/office look. ^^

LOVE IT <3 . :)
these are swatched accordingly. so I guess you can follow which shades belong to. =p


PS: I FOUND MY CLARISONIC PICTURES ALREADY! YEYYY. :) Will post my review about it next week. I have other blogposts to be put here this week ^^

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello! :) I woke up awhile ago with a big smile while trying to open my eyes (and not fall asleep) because it was B's first day of hockey training together with the other hockey peeps who are part of the National team (representing our country?) in SM Mall of Asia. I should have brought my camera, damn! You should see how malls like SM look like when they are closed, especially in the morning! No guards inside, no janitors (they're starting to prepare, I think), only us and the hockey staffs, coaches and parents/gfs/friends. The rink was so FOGGYYYYY! Imagine the mount Everest with its air shivering in your veins. It was 8am in the morning, so imagine how hard for me to wake up around 6am just to accompany him. Kkk. I am too much. :)) ., It was fun by the way. ^^

It ended around 11am and it was back to normal! SM background songs, all lights on, and number of people increases each minute. He was supposed to practice until 3pm, but he was tired already so we watched HP7.2 around 12:30 in Rockwell. I know there was a Supersale Bazaar, but I decided not to go because B will be bored and I will end up with no moolah because of temptation. We have reserved tickets for HP7.2 which was scheduled at 6:55pm. But I really cannot stay long because I have quiz! Hello Mathematical Economics(insert crying face :(( ) so we changed it in 12:30. I didn't enjoy this movie. :| I don't know why. Maybe because I already forgot what I saw in Harry Potter 7 part 1 that's why I had a hard time connecting it. I appreciate it, but my excitement for this was not reached by the movie. I hope they gave a little preview of the previous movie so that we can still remember it a little with these flashbacks. I STILL LOVE MY HP MOVIES. Don't Worry :) ., It is still worth it. After all, it all ends here. :D

This is my FOTD by the way. No Make-Up look? =p . Just a BB cream, with powder, concealer for my undereyes, lipstick, gel liner, mascra and eyebrow pencil. OH. PLUS A BRONZER. ok. I think I went beyond with what I supposed to say "JUST" awhile ago. :p

  • Missha M Perfect Cover in #23 (beige?)
  • 3W clinic professional Natural Make-Up powder in Natural Beige. (30grams for less than 420php. THAT'S CHEAP)
  • NYX concealer in a jar for my eyebags -_- in Beige
  • Maybelline Stilleto and Magnum (combined) mascaras
  • Maybelline Gel Liner in Black for upper/lower lash line
  • Lancome eye shadow quad for my lower lashline (dab a little to make it lasts longer)
  • Estee Lauder Bronzer 
  • Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in PINK FLAME :D (it faded a little, showed a stain in my lips)
  • Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil (not yet good in doing it hhuhuh) and a little eyeshadow powder from Estee Lauder for a natural lookung eyebrows =p

Have A Good Night! ^^

Don't forget to invite your friends to join. :) Aug 11, 2011 is fast approaching :)
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIEW: NYX Concealer in a Jar

I have not been giving reviews lately, mainly because IT IS HARD TO GIVE EXACT COMMENTS on the product. Once you blurt that comment, you cannot just remove or take it back because readers use reviews as their basis in buying a product. I'll try to do product reviews little by little as I try to broaden my vocabulary to express what I exactly think. =p So please bare with me. :D

For all the things I bought, only a few are used for my everyday routine. One of them, is my NYX Concealer in a Jar.

It says.
"Provides smooth, long, lasting coverage so you can pretend the word 'concealer' doesn't exist in your dictionary!"

This product has been my staple for my BAGGY eyes since March during the week of my birthday. I have read many reviews before that this is a good duper for MAC concealer, and during that time, I was about to get one for myself, but I stopped and it just happened that I was in Bazaar at the Grove and saw DigitalTraincase stall! I bought one in Beige shade. And so far, I don't have any problems with it. :)


  • 7 grams for 350 php! VERY VERY CHEAP
  • They have 13 shades to choose from! including lavender, and green. :)
  • good staying power
  • doesn't feel sticky afterwards
  • the shade Beige suits for NC30 like me!
  • gives better coverage for my dark circles
  • can be used as an eye primer just do not put too much, okay? =p
  • creamy enough to spread easily
  • a little goes a LONG WAAYY. I had this since March (4 months already) and I still have a LOT!

  • it only covers the dark circles but I have very deep and baggy undereyes. so the puffiness is still noticeable. (why am i saying it here? this is not an undereye cream. heck,. hahaha) 
  • available only thru online or digitaltraincase shop/store
  • a little hint of smell. Though I don't mind, some may find it as a CON
  • the line are sort of visible after I used this because I really have deep undereye lines, but I managed to hide this BY APPLYING an eye moisturizer or just your plain moisturizer and dab it in your undereyes :)

I think I'll stick with this. :D Duh. It has been 4 months and counting, and I am still using this!. :) I'll try other concealer next time though once I finish this for curiosity sake. :)

see? I still have a LOT

on the back of my hand . with conealer. it has yellow tone

the back of my hand, trying to conceal the color of my veins showing in my skin

it works well, don't you think? Although I did not spread it very neatly and I seemed to be hurrying. =p
You can see that there's a gradual change from the previous picture. :) 

LEFT EYE: with concealer (nothing added) RIGHT: no concealer at all.
SORRY FOR MY NOT-SO-GOOD-FACE. I just woke up, brushed my teeth and I have not washed my face! :))

see how puffy my eyebags? :(( ., Or maybe bec I just woke up?
Left eye wth concealer and RIGHT without any product.

Have you tried this one? :) what undereye concealer do you use? Do you prefer the wand type/ tube or jar container concealer? I am curious with Kevin Beautymaker concealer. How about you? :)


HAULS for the WEEK ^^ aagggaaaiiinnn

Being alone, waiting for B to finish his hockey in SM Mall of Asia, it's hard for me not to roam around, and look for something to buy! I know you will do the same if you are in my position. =p Maybe every Friday, I will have these hauls to post? :))) hope NOT. this will result to bankruptcy y'ah know! But anyway, I still managed to lessen the things I bought. I was able to put some of the things back before paying in the cashier. My wallet was able to breathe a little. ^^., So here are the things I bought. :)

  • I bought 6 bath and body works PocketBac for only 50 php each. VERY CHEAP RIGHT? :) But, I didn't buy these in MOA. I gave the 2 PocketBacs to B because I know he likes these too. :)
  • The Body Shop IS ON SALE UNTIL JULY 28 I THINK! I WAS SO EXCITED TO CHECK THEIR PRODUCTS. The sad part is, I cannot buy all the things I want to have because that will leave me to no-money-at-all! Sadness. But then I saw the WHITE MUSK BLUSH EAU DE TOILETTE in 50% off! ., from 995, to 497.50 pesos. Since I love and collect perfumes, it didn't stop me from buying it. I wanted the original version (White Musk with purple bottle), but it is 20 or 30% off only. So opted for this. :) AND I LOVE IT!
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in BLACK. I bought this for 450-499 pesos. I forgot the price and I lost the receipt! >.< . I tried this right away when I got home. AND I THINK THIS WILL BE MY PARTNER IN THE LONG RUN. :) ., The brush is really GOOD. I managed to use this in my waterline and upper line. I like it to bits. ^^ ., I didn't regret purchasing this. I JUST HOPE THE PRODUCT WILL NOT DRY OUT in the bottle after a few months. 
  • Ever Bilena Eye Pencil in Brown for 80-88pesos. I asked the SL to give me their best product for the eye brows and she gave me this. She used this in my eye brows and I like it. I just need to put little powder to make it more natural ^^.
  • Ever Bilena Waterproof Mascara. I forgot the price sorry :( . This is the only product they have that is waterproof. I like their lipsticks so I decided to road test their mascara too. :) I hope this will be good. I'll use this once I throw my stilleto mascara, or maybe after 2 months? =p Or when the urge to use this clings in me. :)))
  • Maybelline Magnum Mascara. I think this cost 350 php. I am really bad in prices.! Sorry :( But I am sure that it is near 350 pesos. VERY AFFORDABLE ^^. I saw this mascara review from AskmeWhats and she also advised me to use this. I got curious and I decided to get one. I will try to use this soon, or I'll probably combine this with my stilleto :)
  • Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Sienna and Mirrored Mocha. I LOVE THE SIENNA SHADE! It reminds me of NYX Heredes. It suits my skin tone. :) For 145php per tube, who would resist these? 
  • Lastly, Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry. ^^ this is the one I was talking about last week. I bought 2 of this in plain for B, and I decided to buy 1 for me in Cherry. This will be perfect to prime my lips before putting my Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks. ^^
That's all folks! :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

My latest excitement: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

Yes. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick! I can't believe their shades will be good enough to convince me. They have a variety of colors, and their shade really suit all pinay skin complexion. From nudes/brown, to red, to pinks, and orang-y color. They are like Nyx. But I think Nyx are more pigmented, but I find the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick better when it comes to its staying power. Expect more shades to be swatched. :) It costs 145 php by the way. Not bad. I bought Pink Flame, Mauvey and another pink lipstick but I can't remember the name! Will post it on my next article,. :) So right now, let me show you my favorite shade among the 3. :)
Pink Flame is winner love! :D ., a thin layer of lip gloss was applied here. :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 GOODIES TO BE WON! : No-Reason-Giveaway! / Cheering-The-Readers-Giveaway! :)

Hello People! :) I am still not in the mood to sstuuudddyyyy :(( ., I will probably not sleep because I have midterms tomorrow. 1 subject, but it's my major. :| haysss. My motivations are getting lower and lower. If I will compare what I am doing now and my HS years. I am on my ZERO level. sigghhsss* ., I want to cheer myself and my readers. (**HELLO there!) :) .. SO I DECIDED TO HAVE SOME GIVEAWAYS! yyeeyyyy :)) .

, I really have no reason awhile ago that's why I posted it as a "No-Reason-Giveaways", but it can also be a "cheering-the-readers-giveaways"! HAHAHAH =p They are not that "bigatin" if I will compare these with the others. But I just want to make my blog as lively as possible! :))) ., So without further ado, here they are =p

PS: Most of the things here are brand new except for BB cream, bag, and the chunky long necklace. Info's about the items will be expounded further.

Goodie #1
Avon Body Powder in IMARI
Purederm BB Cream (I just used this once, the expiration date is on 2013/2014)
Banana Boat ULTRA PROTECT Sunscreen Lotion SPF80 (for face and body)
Bath&Body Works Body Splash in Magnolia Blossom

Goodie #2
Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF15 mini sample
Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Creme mini sample
(these mini samples are great for you if you want to test the product first for 2-3 weeks! These are not yet used and I got these from my aunt in US when she visited us last June)
Daiso/Saizen Cleansing Cream
Bobbie Polish Regular in Grass Skirt
Bobbie Polish Holiday Collection in Flower Girl
Bobbie Polish Regular in Parasail

Goodie #3

Long Chunky Bracelet (bought in Hawaii for 15$)
Liz Claiborne shoulder bag in color light yellow plus a hint of gold? [this one was bought by yours truly in Macy's in USA. not sure if in Macy's but I am sure it is authentic! I have not used it since I bought it (which makes me sad) and instead of selling or throwing this, I decided to give it away] there is an itsy-bitsy tiny damage in the handle, but it is not noticeable! 

length about 12 inches

length of the necklace . not sure but it  is beyond my bra-length :)) ., it can probably reach your tummy area (for length references) the bag in the upper right is encircled, just to let you know that's the real color of the bag. The 1st 2 pics are lighter bec. of the flash.

HOW TO JOIN? EASY AS 1-2-3! :))
  • This contest is exclusive to PHILIPPINES RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Be a FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG  publicly and comment below! (You'll earn 1 point already)
  • Make a blog entry about this giveaway (spreadddd it) and You'll earn 2 points :)
  • Put this contest in your blog sidebar. (you'll earn another 1 pont)
  • You can also post it in your facebook, or twitter and you'll earn another point (2 points if both)
  • Add in your comment the links if you post this in your blog, fb, or twitter. :)
  • The deadline will be on August 11,2011 (3 weeks from now) . Winners will be announced within a week after the deadline.
  • Winners will be picked via FRUIT MACHINE NAME PICKER


PS: I am not sponsored by anyone. Just to let you know. ;)


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