Monday, January 3, 2011

Philosophy Purity & Cetaphil Daily Cleanser: which is better??


Happy New Year!!! :D insert Belated at the 1st part, HOHOHOHO.

I know I know, I'm too early to greet you with that! :)))

Let's not beat around the bush. I'm here to ask on your opinion about these 2 cleansers. Actually, I have 3 but the 2 are just the same in most of the aspects. As you all know, or.. some.. I bought a Clarisonic Pro as a gift for the 4 of us: my eldest sister who has dry and sensitive skin, 2nd sister who has oily and sensitive skin, my mom who is not getting any younger and has sensitive skin with fine lines, and me, who is having a hard time deciphering whether I have oily skin or a combination of oily and normal skin. I am also having some bumps on my lower jaw and near my hairline. I really really hate it.

Before my package arrives, I would like to prepare the cleanser I want to use. They are recommending to use a mild cleanser since the tool is strong already to penetrate the cleanser to my skin and it means I should not use something harsh to my skin and I think the Pond's with a black tube will be too harsh. After months of reading and watching some reviews, I have heard that it is best to pair it with Philosophy made Simple. I admit, that is too expensive for me! But, if I am sure this will work for me, I will buy it with my own hard earned money. But the problem is, each of us reacts differently with products, so I am not sure if it will do good for me or not.

Later on, I have heard Cetaphil. I have been using their gentle cleanser for all skin types and I think it's good but not great since it doesn't diminish my bumps on my jaw and doesn't keep the oil at bay. So I saw this daily facial cleanser FOR normal to oily skin and maybe this could be the answer.

However, I have read that if you use Clarisonic with the Cetaphil cleanser, it will make your skin prone to sensitivity. I don't know how but that's what is bothering me. I hope you could help me decide on which to purchase. Or else, I'll end up buying both! :))

Thanks in Advance! :D


Christine ♥


C said... Best Blogger Tips

Perhaps I could throw in another suggestion. Why don't you try Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel? It's cheaper than Purity and it's thicker so you'll tend to use less. I've read some people pair this with their Clarisonic (I was considering buying one but, meh). You can ask the sales person at Rustan's for a sample so you can test it out.

I'm currently using Purity as my evening cleanser (the original one, not the foaming one) and Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel as my morning cleanser and I love them both. For your reference, my skin used to be full on oily, but now I have some dry spots.


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