Saturday, July 9, 2011

Package from Korea! :) PLUS Haul for the week

Hellooooo Peopleeee!!! :) I was so tired for the week! Super Hella tiring. :| That's why when I received a notice from the post office, I knew that my package is on it's way to mommaaa (me.haha). I immediately went there during my break.

scripted. :)) I already opened this when I got in the car going to class. :))

Super neatly packaged with bubble wrap!

yipeee!! tadaahhh :D my skin food aloe vera bb cream, Missha perfect cover bb cream, and CW clinic powder.

love at first sight! :D

Then after classes, around 6pm, I went to see B in SM Moa to accompany him during his Hockey practice. Brought him some Gatorade, then went to department store and watsons to look for something to buy. Yes, I got carried away... Tee-heee.,

my friction pen for Accounting practices (I lost mine! need to buy again), and oblicon book for school.

my liquid paper tape refill! (70-ish pesos?), Neutrogena ultra sheer waterlight lotion (460.00 php), Cyleina Black pearl Soap mini and large (65 pesos small, 125 large), Maybelline Long Extreme Stilleto (349.00 php), Clean and Clear control film pink and blue(gave it to B) (125.00 php) Fanny Serrano Lash Curler (175.00 php) and MY YOGURT!!!! Hacienda Macalawan yogurt strawberry (21.00 php)

 I also bought 2 Vaseline Lip Therapy (tube packaging) because it is the first I saw this product in the Philippines! I gave him 1 before but because I was in USA that time. It was so good! It only costs 75.00 php :) I forgot to add! :))) While I was trying to fit the skirt, I was shocked to see my dress has a stain at the back. yes. monthly visit. I nearly freaked out! HAHA. I did not fit the skirt and hurriedly bought Kotex Napkin and went to the restroom. :)) so uugggh. okay. information overload. :p

Then Last but not the least,
Top and Skirt from Shopaholic! (900.00 php for the two)

Oh my., goodbye money, and hellowwww to credit card bill.
I did not regret buying these stuffs!!! SO GOOODDD. Feels so good. Indeed, shopping is a girl's bestfriend ^^


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