Monday, July 4, 2011

MIA again

Sorry for being missing in action again. :|
I was not feeling well emotionally. I think I am having PMS. I am not that sure, but, I everytime my period is coming, I have this rush of emotions., I don't know how to explain it,but I hope you get the idea. I was so busy last week too because of classes, so I hope you understand.

ONE PROBLEM. THE PICS ARE MISSING! FOR MY CLARISONIC BRUSH!. I still don't know where to find it. huhuhuuhuhu :( The pics are about the package, how they deliver their package, and etc. I'll try to locate it again. To make it up to you guys, I will post 2 articles: LIP SWATCHES FOR NYX LIPSTICKS AND REVIEW+LIP SWATCHES OF ESTEE LAUDER LIPSTICK COLLECTION. :)

I'm in the  middle of my computer class, so  GoodBye for now! :)


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