Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIEW: NYX Concealer in a Jar

I have not been giving reviews lately, mainly because IT IS HARD TO GIVE EXACT COMMENTS on the product. Once you blurt that comment, you cannot just remove or take it back because readers use reviews as their basis in buying a product. I'll try to do product reviews little by little as I try to broaden my vocabulary to express what I exactly think. =p So please bare with me. :D

For all the things I bought, only a few are used for my everyday routine. One of them, is my NYX Concealer in a Jar.

It says.
"Provides smooth, long, lasting coverage so you can pretend the word 'concealer' doesn't exist in your dictionary!"

This product has been my staple for my BAGGY eyes since March during the week of my birthday. I have read many reviews before that this is a good duper for MAC concealer, and during that time, I was about to get one for myself, but I stopped and it just happened that I was in Bazaar at the Grove and saw DigitalTraincase stall! I bought one in Beige shade. And so far, I don't have any problems with it. :)


  • 7 grams for 350 php! VERY VERY CHEAP
  • They have 13 shades to choose from! including lavender, and green. :)
  • good staying power
  • doesn't feel sticky afterwards
  • the shade Beige suits for NC30 like me!
  • gives better coverage for my dark circles
  • can be used as an eye primer just do not put too much, okay? =p
  • creamy enough to spread easily
  • a little goes a LONG WAAYY. I had this since March (4 months already) and I still have a LOT!

  • it only covers the dark circles but I have very deep and baggy undereyes. so the puffiness is still noticeable. (why am i saying it here? this is not an undereye cream. heck,. hahaha) 
  • available only thru online or digitaltraincase shop/store
  • a little hint of smell. Though I don't mind, some may find it as a CON
  • the line are sort of visible after I used this because I really have deep undereye lines, but I managed to hide this BY APPLYING an eye moisturizer or just your plain moisturizer and dab it in your undereyes :)

I think I'll stick with this. :D Duh. It has been 4 months and counting, and I am still using this!. :) I'll try other concealer next time though once I finish this for curiosity sake. :)

see? I still have a LOT

on the back of my hand . with conealer. it has yellow tone

the back of my hand, trying to conceal the color of my veins showing in my skin

it works well, don't you think? Although I did not spread it very neatly and I seemed to be hurrying. =p
You can see that there's a gradual change from the previous picture. :) 

LEFT EYE: with concealer (nothing added) RIGHT: no concealer at all.
SORRY FOR MY NOT-SO-GOOD-FACE. I just woke up, brushed my teeth and I have not washed my face! :))

see how puffy my eyebags? :(( ., Or maybe bec I just woke up?
Left eye wth concealer and RIGHT without any product.

Have you tried this one? :) what undereye concealer do you use? Do you prefer the wand type/ tube or jar container concealer? I am curious with Kevin Beautymaker concealer. How about you? :)



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