Friday, November 25, 2011

Clarisonic Pro System

Last year, around April or May, I saw this cute brush tool that can be used for your skin care regimen. The moment I saw this, I got hooked and kept on watching videos from Tiffany, Michelle Phan, Elle and Blair Fowler, glamorrazi, and so on. I fell in love. But the price is very very steep! The small (mia) clarisonic costs around 7k-10k and even I do not expect myself buying that because I am just a student and do not have savings, and number 2, I can use that money to something else. But last December, I still had my online shop and it was very very successful that I was able to buy 1. and not just a mia. but a Clarisonic Pro complete system. I gave myself an excuse to buy this as a gift for me and my 2 sisters and my mom (i think that's worth it). if you'll look at my previous posts, I got this at a very low price. Until now (10 months), I have been using this brush, and I can say it is very very WORTH IT!

I was able to document this product last January. I keep on excusing myself to procastinate everything. lol.

the company in the USA was also a distributor of dermalogica. the company was very clever to label the box as a beauty sample. though I forgot to tell them to do that, they still did it. I picked the package at the post office and it only cost me 40 php for the fee and tax. NOIICEE!

sorry. upside-down =p

I was not able to take a photo of the box inside and how it was arranged. Nonetheless,  it includes 6 brushes actually. 2 brushes for the body, 1 normal head brush, 2 sensitive and 1 super sensitive. i also received a sample of dermalogica as freebies

cover of the box. I also got 4 cleansers together wth the brushes. 3 facial cleansers and 1 body polish

charger, brush and the brush holder. 

cleaning the brush head

the brush tool. the 4 dots give signal whether how high or low is your battery charge. if there are lights in the 4 dots, it means the brush is ON and so on. 

the tool without the brush. the lower button is for on/off. and the upper one is for  the level mode. 1 click is for the low vibration, 2nd-it gets more shaky (more vibration) and it can go until 4th level. the 5 is for the body polishing.

Until now, my sisters and I are using this and I can say that this is worth the money since I can use this for a long time. It has 1 year warranty, and the battery lasts long. let's say for 2 weeks if the 3 of us will use it once a day. and more than 1 month if I will be the only one to use it. If you would like to have one, I suggest you buy the clarisonic Mia. It has the same purpose with little specs. and you don't really need the to use the higher mode for cleansing for it is too harsh to use on your face. the body polishing is good, but you can live without it. and lastly, I suggest you use this once or twice a week since the brush is too harsh or maybe I am putting so much pressure on my hands when I use it on my face. it's really up to you. =p
By the way, any cleanser can be used with the brush EXCEPT those with scrubs. I guess you don't need that anymore. 

I am not good in reviewing a product. But I hope, you learn something from this. I want this to be casual and very brief.
if you are interested. Check to learn the benefits and for more info! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Adding Reply Button to Your Blogger Site. + new url

Hello! How was your day? :D
me, everyday gala galore.! ^^ (as always,.. haha)
Enjoyed the wth B at Moa, had Chatime Milk Tea and ate at Subway. ^^
 AND I WAS ABLE TO FIX MY DILEMMA WITH adding a reply button to my blog!
THANK YOU TO Miss Nikki of Askmewhats! I asked her how she installed her reply button in her comments section and she told me to searched in the goggle how to add reply button to you blogger site. I have not thought of that! I tried searching this in the gadgets window (when you clicked the add gadgets) and there is no result for it. Good thing I asked miss Nikki! Yey!

For those who wants to have this too, here is the link below. This one is so easy to follow!
Thanks to whoever posted this! You are the best!

BTW. I also changed my URL . Yes, this is the same blogsite I used to blog before. I just changed the url. I still do not know what is the best URL for me. was made by me just because it somewhat connects with my previous online shop which I don't use anymore. I am not sure if my present URL best suits me. I really do not know. But, I like it better. ^^

Can anyone suggest a better URL title for me?

UPDATE: NEED TO GO BACK TO MY OLD URL/BLOGSPOT ADDRESS Bec of the Linkwithin program errors., BV BV

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disqus and Blogger Comments: eeekk!

I need help. :(
I tried using Disqus for a simple reason that there is a replly button installed in the program. It works in my blog, but all of my previous comments were gonnneee :(((
Can anyone help me how to recover those comments? I know some of you tried Disqus too.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

MILK TEA: A cup of tea. with a twist!

I'm pretty sure most of you also love Milk Tea. I for one is addictive to it.
Milk tea has been a trend long time ago, but this season, I feel that it really reached its highest peak, seeing so more and more established stores selling milk tea. Will people get sick of drinking this? Me? walang sawaan! :)

I have been drinking green tea since I was in high school. And it seems my palate gets more and more intrigued with other drinks. My eldest sister was the one who introduced this drink to us. Milk tea stores were not that popular at that time I think. My sister usually buys her milk tea in a convenient store, particularly 7/11. Among their beverages, this certain milk in a bottle can be found there and whenever my sister sees one, she would get 10 bottles! They are easily sold out, that's why my sister's action was like that. =p I didn't like it at first taste, because I find it bitter -I love sweets (sweet tooth., ). And when milk tea wagon got its destination in our school, it became a staple in my everyday routine. Zen Tea was my favorite milk tea store before. I love it because of its milky taste and you still taste the tea but it is not bitter. It is more on the milky and sweet side. Then everytime I see stores selling milk tea, it just became a habit.

These are the stores I have visited and tried. I am not into fancy drinks. I usually buy the Original Milk Tea (labeled as Tapioca, pearl milk tea, Assam Milk tea, Nai- Cha)
version. No chocolate flavor, caramel, or any fancy ingredients. Though I have tried some flavors, I always stick to my original milk tea.

PS: PICTURES BELOW ARE NOT MINE., I just took it as a references. Source: Google Search

SERENITEA; MY 3rd Favorite Tried: Assam Milk Tea 100% Sugar Level.
The tea and the milk and the sweetness are well-balanced. Very refreshing and the pearls are great too! unlike the pearls from other stores.
why only 3rd? the price keeps me from buying this everyday. tsss. 
Nothing fancy,. Just right.
ZEN TEA: 2nd Favorite
TRIED: Naicha, Choco Milk Tea, and their Lychee Iced Tea and Green Apple. LOVE LOVE LOVE
more on a milky taste/slide
Tried: Aloe Vera Milk tea and Tapioca Milk Tea
MUST TRY: Calamansi with basil seeds

Tried:Tapioca Milk Tea
top seller in UST. among the other milk tea sellers
I think this is a sister company of ZEN TEA. Heard it from  the staff
Tried: Nai Cha. Milky taste
Tried: Japan Milk Tea and forgot the other one. hehe
Tried Milk Tea Tattler.
 More on a milky taste. STILL LOVE IT. There's a unique and distinct taste on it. ^^

CHATIMERAVE by my friend: Their Coffee version milk teas. The taste is so strong and very distinct. I will try it next time.
TRIED: Pearl Milk Tea. The Pearls in their milk tea are so soft and chewy. very different from the others that I have tried.

Bread Talk/ Toast Box Milk Tea.
Bitter Sweet Taste: I like it! :D

TRIVIA: Chatime is a taiwanese brand, and so is Zen Tea. ^^ Not sure with the other stores.
And now, I am really really craving for this milk tea! *Le Sighssss.
I told B that if ever I got angry at him. Well I always get mad at him hehehe.,
I told him, just give me milk tea and we'll be friends and lovers again. As if nothing happened. And he just laughed at me. :)) ., I am being serious. :| haha.

I HAVE YET TO TRY OTHER BRANDS like Bubble Tea And Happy Lemon!. SO exciteedddd. ^^

Have you tried this famous milk tea? Which one is your favorite?^^
Let me know! :D

What I've been up lately...

It's almost a month since I revisited my blog., everyday, I open my laptop, and read other people's blogposts, and I really enjoy doing it. There are some days wherein I skipped doing this habit because of depression(I easily get depressed. huhuhu), sadness, busy days in school and being with B (what can I say, I am clingy. teehee).

So just an update, here's what I have been doing in the past few days. Not all are written, but these are pics that I got. I'm too lazy to take pictures. (ano daw? haha)

I bought 5coupons from . I bought their Californiaberry deal and I am glad I did! SOOOPEERR HEAVEN! For 65pesos, I managed to eat a medium size yogurt and 3 toppings from them. That's a steal! I think it retails at 120 or 130 pesos, and I hope I should have bought more than 5! I have tried many brands with regards to yogurt craze. Golden Spoon, FYI, Californiaberry, Froyo, Red Mango, Frutti Froyo or Tutti Frutti (I think they are the same?), and some local yogurt in supermarket. And I can say this Californiaberry is a contender for my favorite yogurt store which is Tutti Frutti. ^^


The milk tea I tried was from my sister. She bought milk tea beverages in 7/11. I do not know the brand but I hated it at first bec it is too bitter for me. until I tried diff brands. And I fell in this bandwagon. I ultimately, crazy, head over heels in love with milk teas. I can drink milk tea all day everyday . whether as my meal or snack or something to replenish my thirst.

ohhh. LOVEEEE <33

Last month was my friend's 18th birthday. She didn't have a grand celebration, but she will have a car and she also received cold cash. How I wish that was me. :D Had lunch at Yakimix. It was an utter bliss. Super busog!
moi. ^^

Then ofcourse., during my term break= korean series mania. I finished watching City Hunter and Heartstrings.
I have watched a lot of korean series. I don't know what other korean series are worth watching now. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME! :>

I did some hauling also! Will post it probably by tomorrow. ^^

Been with B lately, because of my term break, I managed to spend my time without any worries. :)
This coming September 18 will be our 3rd anniversary. I am really excitteedddddd. :) :>
Hockey time while watching korean series. :D

setting up his gear. about to practice. ^^

sorry bangag. :p

Don't you find this odd/ironic? I only realized it now while toggling the pictures. These 2 couples (park shin hye and his guy + the 2 people in front me,.) are too sweet. haha. looks the same eh?
That's it. ^^
Enjoying so much? ^^ I hope you do! :D

Follow me on twitter! :D

Congrats to all the Winners! :) + another giveaway

Just got home around 11:30pm. How Ironic. haha., I woke up at 11:30am and went outside at 1:20pm.
While waiting for B to finish his hockey training from 5-8pm, I have been typing all the names of those who joined my contest. Once again, Thank You SO MUCH for helping me. It was successful because of you. ^^



I was amazed how lucky ghieszelle  is for winning the goodie3. being the last  person to join my contest., it must be fate? :)

all the list. total of 26 participants. Thank You ^^
CONGRATULATIONSSS!! I will be sending the winners an e-mail for me to ship the prizes right away.

Don't worry, It doesn't end there!! :D .,

Because September is the one of the most-awaited month for me. And because some of my readers helped/participated in our google site project. ANOTHER GIVEAWAY WILL BE THROWN AWAY! ^^


1 Winner will win 4 Marionnaud Premium Brushes from yours truly! ^^
foundation brush to start with your regimen

kabuki brush to use for your face powder.
retractable brush -for on-the-go re-touch

Slanted eyeliner and eyebrows double side brush to define your eyes and tame your brows!
 I am loving these brushes.

Should I choose 1 winner to give these 4 brushes or should I choose 4 winners to give 1 brush for each? Let me know. ^^

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


OH MY GAHHDD. It has been awhile since I visitied my blog!

I was so busy studying (AS IF) for the last 2 or 3 weeks because of our finals and projects. There was even a time wherein for 40 hours, I only slept for 1 fckng hour. :|

I was not in the mood to blog this week because this day = viewing of grades, and I am just so nerve cracking nervous during the past few days. BUT. HERE I AM! SUPER HAPPY NOW! I AM FINALLY FREEE HELL YAH. ^^



Follow me on my twitter! ^^
I just started using twitter. hahaha. i know. Makaluma ako. :))))



Enjoy the Day while raining! haha. :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I really really need help
CAN YOU PLEASE GO TO OUR PROJECT WEBSITE??? Just click the url down below

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS IN EACH PAGE (movie, tv shows, games) which will be seen down below the website.,

I'll throw another giveaway that is really worth it if you help us.


 PS: this is part of our project and we're still checking if it is working. THANK YOU! ^^

MIA; Catch me if you can

I am so sorry for the delay in announcing my giveaway!! I am sure some of you are waiting for this already. I don't even know when was the last time I made a blog post here because of my super busy and worried mind right now. lol.

Just let me finish my term this week until next week and I am free! (for 1 week only. haha) I will make it up to all of you next week. I PROMISE. AMEN to that. Expect another post on Aug.. 26 or 27 . ^^ (I hope my last exam will end before these said dates).

YES. I DO READ BLOGS EVERY NIGHT and DAY ^^ ., so if you see my comment on that blog (though I don't really leave comments in spite of reading 5-10 posts.),  then yes. that's me. hahaa,..

Catch me if you can? wala langg.. ^^ naaliw lang ako s phrase na yun. :)))


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a T-Shape Toothbrush?? yes it is! by Denson + giveaway update

Who would have thought that there is still a way to make you toothbrush way crazier than the one from Colgate and Oral-B??? ., Well. Denson Company did.

I find it, WEIRD,.,.. and CUTE? =p
source: from Denson website
When I saw this box of Denson Toothbrush last Saturday, my mind went blank because... it was just so different! :)) ., "What in the world is this?", my mind said. 

For some, who only see this now in my blog., I tried googling it, and I saw these. :)

It also says in the box that this invention already received 4 or more than 4 awards because of this innovation! How cool is that? ., I am quite sold since my mom bought this anyway. 

I have been using this for a few days, and so far., I am loving it. :) It was hard to use this when trying to reach the molar part of my teeth since it is in T-shape and shape itself was blocking. But I got used to it awhile ago. And I can say that it delivers what it promised. My teeth really felt clean and smooth after using it. I thought that it was not really doing anything fantastic while using it, but after brushing and rinsing, that's where I felt .. "YEAH. it is good". 

not detachable. I think the 1st pic is better. it is detachable unlike mine.

I'll update you on what I think about this toothbrush since I am really really busy. :( Last Friday was the last time I posted here. I only realized this week that my 1 week term break is fast approaching and so is my final examination! So., I guess few posts for the next 2 weeks for me and my blog. PLEASE.. PRAY FOR ME!!! >.<


click here

AND. I WANT TO GREET MS DIANE OF mykissenmakeup A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I am late na. But it's the thought that counts ^^ =p Hope You Had a Great day with you family and friends. ^^ Sana with bloggers din. haha. >:D< Bloggers' meetup, anyone? :D

I will reply to all the comments and questions posted here tomorrow. I have this monthly visit (yeeahhh), and I am so sleepy every night and day, and I probably need 8-11 hours of sleep just to wake up and stand up in the morning!

Enjoy the week pretty ladies! :D

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