Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NYX HAUL: Lipsticks and their swatches

Good evening! :D This will be my first time to make a post at night, unlike my 4 previous posts which were made at midnight (2 or 4 am). >:D
There was this time wherein I always watch make-up vlogs (means "video blog") at youtube, especially make-up geek website and I got to meet these NYX products. Some pronounce it as "Nix", and some Just Spell it as N-Y-X .
I saw this website and I'm really amazed when I saw that Nyx Lips are being sold for 160 php, unlike some who sells it at 220 and above. NYX Lips are called as the high-end lippies before but now there is another lipstick line from NYX that is even better and more expensive. The NYX Round Lipsticks are their cheapest lipstick series from the company which costs 155-160 php. :) NYX Round Lipsticks are so smooth to swipe on my lips, as they are VERY VERY CREAMY! and VERY VERY PIGMENTED as you all know. They have a pleasant smell but everytime I use it, it reminds me of a laundry bar soap. But, I still like it. :D On the other hand, NYX Lips are a little better because of 2 things: packaging which looks elegant and their staying power. NYX RL are easy to apply BUT easy to be removed as well. NYX Lips are less creamy (but still easy to apply) which last longer on my lips. I bought 10 lippies from CarefreeShopper which is amazing :) ., 
Most of my Lipsticks are in pink and pinky peach or coral like color. I've been yearning for a nudy and natural colors to use everyday except for the bloody red I have here :D .  I'll just show their swatches and what NYX Lips and NYX RL look with their packaging. :)


box container I got from carefreeshopper

Nyx Round Lipsticks look a little cutie childish while the Nyx Lips have this exquisite look that I LOVE

My NYX haul : army of lippies :D ... FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Orange Soda, Heather, Frappucino, Heredes, Snow White. Sierra, B52, Bravo, Indian Pink and Thalia

with flash

without flash *ACTUAL color on a daylight basis

With flash **this is what it looks like if you wear it on your lips and you have your pictures taken with flash :D
2 division. on the top part 1 swipe of NYX. at the bottom:3 wipes/layers... FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Orange Soda, Heather, Frappucino, Heredes, Snow White. Sierra, B52, Bravo, Indian Pink and Thalia

without flash *ACTUAL color on a daylight basis
** I'm finding a hard in giving justice to these Lipsticks because of their color. I just can't get the right color swatch when put on my lips. So I'll just make a new post regarding the swatches on my bare lips tomorrow when there is sunlight! :D

Christine ♥


Nadine Natalin said... Best Blogger Tips

havent tried any nyx products but i heard their lippies are to die for :)

gingerSnap said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice swatches:)

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

Nadine Natalin YOU SHOULD TRY! :D CHEAP alternatives for MAC! I have read that their eye pencils as well are to die for :D ., I'm planning to get some as well :D

gingerSnap THAN YOU SIS :D .. I hope I was able to get the right colors on my pics :D

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