Saturday, July 16, 2011

HAULS for the WEEK ^^ aagggaaaiiinnn

Being alone, waiting for B to finish his hockey in SM Mall of Asia, it's hard for me not to roam around, and look for something to buy! I know you will do the same if you are in my position. =p Maybe every Friday, I will have these hauls to post? :))) hope NOT. this will result to bankruptcy y'ah know! But anyway, I still managed to lessen the things I bought. I was able to put some of the things back before paying in the cashier. My wallet was able to breathe a little. ^^., So here are the things I bought. :)

  • I bought 6 bath and body works PocketBac for only 50 php each. VERY CHEAP RIGHT? :) But, I didn't buy these in MOA. I gave the 2 PocketBacs to B because I know he likes these too. :)
  • The Body Shop IS ON SALE UNTIL JULY 28 I THINK! I WAS SO EXCITED TO CHECK THEIR PRODUCTS. The sad part is, I cannot buy all the things I want to have because that will leave me to no-money-at-all! Sadness. But then I saw the WHITE MUSK BLUSH EAU DE TOILETTE in 50% off! ., from 995, to 497.50 pesos. Since I love and collect perfumes, it didn't stop me from buying it. I wanted the original version (White Musk with purple bottle), but it is 20 or 30% off only. So opted for this. :) AND I LOVE IT!
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in BLACK. I bought this for 450-499 pesos. I forgot the price and I lost the receipt! >.< . I tried this right away when I got home. AND I THINK THIS WILL BE MY PARTNER IN THE LONG RUN. :) ., The brush is really GOOD. I managed to use this in my waterline and upper line. I like it to bits. ^^ ., I didn't regret purchasing this. I JUST HOPE THE PRODUCT WILL NOT DRY OUT in the bottle after a few months. 
  • Ever Bilena Eye Pencil in Brown for 80-88pesos. I asked the SL to give me their best product for the eye brows and she gave me this. She used this in my eye brows and I like it. I just need to put little powder to make it more natural ^^.
  • Ever Bilena Waterproof Mascara. I forgot the price sorry :( . This is the only product they have that is waterproof. I like their lipsticks so I decided to road test their mascara too. :) I hope this will be good. I'll use this once I throw my stilleto mascara, or maybe after 2 months? =p Or when the urge to use this clings in me. :)))
  • Maybelline Magnum Mascara. I think this cost 350 php. I am really bad in prices.! Sorry :( But I am sure that it is near 350 pesos. VERY AFFORDABLE ^^. I saw this mascara review from AskmeWhats and she also advised me to use this. I got curious and I decided to get one. I will try to use this soon, or I'll probably combine this with my stilleto :)
  • Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Sienna and Mirrored Mocha. I LOVE THE SIENNA SHADE! It reminds me of NYX Heredes. It suits my skin tone. :) For 145php per tube, who would resist these? 
  • Lastly, Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry. ^^ this is the one I was talking about last week. I bought 2 of this in plain for B, and I decided to buy 1 for me in Cherry. This will be perfect to prime my lips before putting my Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks. ^^
That's all folks! :)



Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

i also love eb mattes ls in sienna.. and yes really prime your lips sis.. :) before application..

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