Tuesday, July 19, 2011

REVIEW: NYX Nude on Nude Palette

I was supposed to write this last night, but I was so sleepy already I decided to continue it tonight.

They said that this was inspired from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I am not even sure their claim is true because I do not own an UD Naked Palette. But knowing that this is closed with the NYX Palette, I bought it as a birthday gift for myself last March! :) I was happy because I know my eye shadow collection grew bigger especially with the new shades I got in the palette as well as their lip colors! :)


  • very pigmented (with primer)
  • a mirror compact case together with the palette. That's a bonus! :)
  • 20 shades + 10 lip colors. YOU REALLY GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH
  • the case is sleek enough to tote around if you want to have a variety of colors without bringing so much products when going out or having a vacvation (I only brought this one when I went to Cagayan) 
  • the combination of matte, shimmer, glittery, bold and light shades for office, smokey, neutral, everyday looks :D you have many options for your eye make-up :)
  • the lip colors are amazing too :)
  • easy to blend with other shades
  • the material/plastic used for the container feels cheap! I always think that this may break if it hits the ground by accident
  • useless applicators! (same with other palette)
  • lip colors are little sticky and I don't usually wear lip colors, but at least I can have this in my collection :)
  • lip colors' staying power are so-so. 
  • some shades are miss and hit. There are 2-3 shades that look the same when swatched
  • when shades are used alone (meaning,-no eye primer) you may find it hard to build up the color ((well, some of it)
  • not recommended for those who want crazy, funky and bright colors (for experimental look). this is for those who want an everyday look, or smokey/office look. ^^

LOVE IT <3 . :)
these are swatched accordingly. so I guess you can follow which shades belong to. =p


PS: I FOUND MY CLARISONIC PICTURES ALREADY! YEYYY. :) Will post my review about it next week. I have other blogposts to be put here this week ^^


psychedelicme said... Best Blogger Tips

nice review about the product. and you are very right about the useless applicators in most palettes! :D


Fashion CouSense said... Best Blogger Tips

swatch pictures = cute! :)


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

@psychedelicme-THANKS SIS! AND YES! they are all useless. The only applicator I kinda like is the one from Avon quad. because of it is sturdy and good enough for the eyeshadows. ^^

@Fashion CouSense- THANK U SIS! I was trying to capture the right color/brightness with the shade so that you all can see the actual product you will get if you buy one. :)

Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! you already got your hands on this baby! I'm so jealous, I want one! but I would be even happier if I can afford the Urban Decay Naked palette...hehe

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

YES. Isa yata ako sa mga customers ng Digital Traincase to get this nung March. :) new arrival ksi that time. can't help but buy it kasi alam ko sa sarili kong hindi ako bibili ng UD Naked Palette :)) =p

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