Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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MIA; Catch me if you can

I am so sorry for the delay in announcing my giveaway!! I am sure some of you are waiting for this already. I don't even know when was the last time I made a blog post here because of my super busy and worried mind right now. lol.

Just let me finish my term this week until next week and I am free! (for 1 week only. haha) I will make it up to all of you next week. I PROMISE. AMEN to that. Expect another post on Aug.. 26 or 27 . ^^ (I hope my last exam will end before these said dates).

YES. I DO READ BLOGS EVERY NIGHT and DAY ^^ ., so if you see my comment on that blog (though I don't really leave comments in spite of reading 5-10 posts.),  then yes. that's me. hahaa,..

Catch me if you can? wala langg.. ^^ naaliw lang ako s phrase na yun. :)))


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a T-Shape Toothbrush?? yes it is! by Denson + giveaway update

Who would have thought that there is still a way to make you toothbrush way crazier than the one from Colgate and Oral-B??? ., Well. Denson Company did.

I find it, WEIRD,.,.. and CUTE? =p
source: from Denson website
When I saw this box of Denson Toothbrush last Saturday, my mind went blank because... it was just so different! :)) ., "What in the world is this?", my mind said. 

For some, who only see this now in my blog., I tried googling it, and I saw these. :)

It also says in the box that this invention already received 4 or more than 4 awards because of this innovation! How cool is that? ., I am quite sold since my mom bought this anyway. 

I have been using this for a few days, and so far., I am loving it. :) It was hard to use this when trying to reach the molar part of my teeth since it is in T-shape and shape itself was blocking. But I got used to it awhile ago. And I can say that it delivers what it promised. My teeth really felt clean and smooth after using it. I thought that it was not really doing anything fantastic while using it, but after brushing and rinsing, that's where I felt .. "YEAH. it is good". 

not detachable. I think the 1st pic is better. it is detachable unlike mine.

I'll update you on what I think about this toothbrush since I am really really busy. :( Last Friday was the last time I posted here. I only realized this week that my 1 week term break is fast approaching and so is my final examination! So., I guess few posts for the next 2 weeks for me and my blog. PLEASE.. PRAY FOR ME!!! >.<


click here

AND. I WANT TO GREET MS DIANE OF mykissenmakeup A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I am late na. But it's the thought that counts ^^ =p Hope You Had a Great day with you family and friends. ^^ Sana with bloggers din. haha. >:D< Bloggers' meetup, anyone? :D

I will reply to all the comments and questions posted here tomorrow. I have this monthly visit (yeeahhh), and I am so sleepy every night and day, and I probably need 8-11 hours of sleep just to wake up and stand up in the morning!

Enjoy the week pretty ladies! :D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Haul! Addicted ,, eh?

Probably because of stress? lols. I keep on buying more and more things. O.o
Quic post. :)
I will not probably make another one tonight and tomorrow because I really want to sleep for 10 hours! :)) ., And I have to wake up early  because I am so in demand tomorrow!! HAHAH. just kidding. ^^
But ., really, I don't think I will be able to breathe and relax tomorrow. But, I am sure I will be loving the day tomorrow! :D I will be able to see all my friends. 2 partiess!! And bonding with B. And I have to hurry because I need to get more stocks for my mini food cart. ^^

So anyhoooo. I went shopping again while waiting for B in his hockey training.
Without further ado.,

I bought Ponds age miracle dual eye cream. My under eye areas are just getting worse. hahaha. SO I need to do something about it. I need to exert effort.

Clean and Clear oil control sheets. Just a back-up! :D I just love the smell. Gosh. :))

Joy Ultra Hand care dishwashing liquid. FOR my brushes. ! :) gonna try enkore's DIY brush cleaner AGAIN. And will use this for deep cleaning also. :) So far, I am loving it. (I just washed my brush. hihi)

Vitress.! As you all know, I am loving my hair because of this and Human nature sunflower oil. SO I definitely need a back-up! ^^ ., Stay tune for my part2 post for my hair care routine. :D

Garnier BB eye roll on. I am thinking of using this every afternoon or morning. It's like a bb cream. Only .. it is for the eyes. haha.^^ . I hope I will love this. The product is really interesting! ^^

A laced bolero/blazer. It looks great!! I just was not able to take a picture perfectly. =p It is fitted when worn and it just adds a new touch to whatever you are wearing! :D

That's it!
Hope po you enjoy your day tomorrow! >:D


Friday, August 5, 2011

a quick post for my quick haul+rant

Here again, blogging and ranting at the same. How cool is that? .,
I am so sleepy,..... and I am so stressed. I feel so weak and tired just by thinking about my school works. :( ., I am interested with economics and accountancy, but they just don't work together! My mind and body are being torn apart, because of all the things to be done PLUS my other subjects which are still important btw (to pull your grades higher). I just find it harder to focus. With two diff majors at the same time. or maybe,. I am just feeling SOOO tired and sleepy because I cannot sleep at night right away. I get too excited in reading other people's blog and making a post for my blog also. I end up sleeping around past 12 or 1 in the morning, then I have to wake up at 6am or 7:30 am. As ya'll know, I LOVE SLEEPING. haha. And I want 8-9 hours of sleep. So yeah, I get too lazy waking up right away every time the alarm clock shouts at me.

Anyway, my rant was not supposed to be written, and my only intention is to post a quick haul that I did last night. I bought another set of lashes from Say as I saw one of her comments that this one is the most natural looking lashes she got among the sets. I love the Roseanne, as it looks natural in photos, but in personal?., It's too thick for a natural looking eyes and eye lashes., So I asked another pair which is Chloe. I love the strands of this set because it is not too thin and not too thick which is good if your aiming for a fresh natural look. I would love to use this right away, but I don't use falsies at school days. Then I did some grocery shopping for my mini food cart business. I ran out of ingredients, so I headed to Puregold right after I met with B. I was looking for the ingredients when I glanced in the beauty section. oooohhhh, they only have Ever Bilena, Careline, and Maybelline. That's good for a grocery since I think SM does not have Maybelline counter in their supermarket. The Ever Bilena compact powder is good for a price of 220.00 php each. The packaging is like the one in M.A.C. The powder is good na rin. It blends well in my skin! That's what made me buy this. I bought Soft Beige, and Oriental. I like the Oriental better for me (NC 30). The Maybelline BB cream caught my attention, so I took and I was impressed when I swatched it at home! The substance is very thin but not runny and not oily for my skin. Likkeeeyyy ^^

Ever Bilena: 220php, Lashes by SAY:100 php, Maybelline BB cream:248 php? (not sure)

looks pretty natural for me ^^

Soft Beige, Oriental.

Soft Beige is a light yellowish beige shade, while Oriental is tad darker  than Soft Beige. Both  shades will suit those with NC30

with bb cream.

BB cream (blended)


Going One, Going Twice., and maybe THRICE? -NYX Heredes

My love for NYX Heredes is a feeling that will last forever and eternity, EXCEPT FOR THE FORMULA hahaha. I adore this shade among the 10 Nyx RL I got here. I just WISH they have this shade in their NYX LIPS (another line/collection of the brand). This is my "GO TO" shade everyday. I wear a different lipstick in the morning before I go out, and once it fades, I automatically get this and swipe all over my lips with a smack. (just kidding with the smack., haha). FYI: I always have 3-5 (how ironic) lipsticks in my bag because I am always on the go and I just junk them all inside my bag. BUT. I always end up using this shade. This is probably the best shade I got from NYX. It suits me well. It gives me this freshness right away. There's a certain matte-gloss vibe I feel (matte with a hint of gloss) and it just gives warmth to my face.

NYX Heredes is more of a brownish/bronze+orange shade. Probably with a little red added to it. This shade can be worn with any kind of look you want to do: neutrals, bright, smokey, or simply a fresh look. The color doesn't scream/shout in your lips because it is not really a bold color, well for those warm color. I am not sure with cool/pink undertone.

Brief Overview for NYX Round Lipstick


  • many great colors to choose from!
  • Great price. 160-200 php per tube
  • Very pigmented
  • Very creamy
  • not drying- lip balm is not necessary. but you may still use it.
  • Good to experiment what shades suit you


  • Not as long-lasting as other lipsticks
  • it easily melts! I bring this everyday in my bag. And everytime I use this while I am under the sun, it's horrible.
  •  It melts a little, AND it is easy to crack/break because it is so soft (humid weather)
  • because of humidity, it may bleed in your lips when you don't apply it properly
  • The material used for the product is not sturdy. AS SEEN ON MY PHOTOS.

I already finished my 1st tube, and to my surprise., my 2nd tube is halfway empty! goshhhhhhhhhhh. 
bec it melted. that's why it looks like blah in my pic. =p

the label is fading. tear and wear? :p

uh-oh. (where's the cap with the shade inside thingy?)

halway right?

What's your favorite Lipstick? What shade is it? and Have you finished a tube of lipstick already? Tell me. :>

PS: will reply to the comments tomorrow. sorry. I am so slow in writing and it's past midnight. I have classes pa. :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Messy Midnight

I was awake until 4am last Friday(Saturday btw! Friday was yesterday. haha) mainly because I was so energized, trying to do DIY posts, cleaning my brushes which is a pain in the ass (for me. hassle eh. :| ), and taking pictures how I do deep cleaning and spot cleaning. WELL. what do you think? it was an epic fail! So frustrating. Maybe because something is pulling me? Or I do not have the courage yet to do all those stuffs. I promise, I'll redo them all, and will try to deliver a better one. =p .,

Can any one recommend me a good brush holder? I really want to give these babies a holder with a cover so they will not be exposed with dirt and I do not have to brush them all the time even though I don't use them all at the same time! (I only use 3-5 brushes on a daily basis)

my brushes are all Charm products! Just because they are cheaper, and the quality is superb! ^^  I have 8-10 brushes from Estee Lauder which are free.

spot cleaning. I need to save this product :))

Trying to mimic enkore's DIY make up brush spray cleaner. For spot cleaning! 

This one is epic fail. :| The sponge was too thick and the soap I used was not good either! Will do my 2nd attempt next time! ^^

2 hours of brush cleaning. who would want that? O.o ., But I don't like bacteria tooo! :|

Good Night Everyone!! ^^

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Last Year--Present (Hair Care Routine)

My hair at exactly 1 year ago.  I had it permed last Aug 2010 at CUT., I asked them for a bigger curlers.

whut am I doing here? lols. :))

see? super Ccuurrllyyy hair. O.o

still wearing a purple lens. :D

THEN MY HAIR AFTER 7-9 MONTHS,. (March-May 2011)

AND NOW. ^^ May 2011. -PRESENT.

I had my hair cut at home (home service by our mom's friend). She was the one who did my hair and make-up during mg 18 bday celebration. She is a patient of my mom and she works at a luxury salon, catering services to actors/actresses like Lorna Tolentino, Kim, Dina V. from head to foot. I do not know all her clients, but I am sure pretty she did great! :) Because of perming, my hair got little damaged, and became dried and brittle at the ends of my hair. So I just had it cut, and since I have been wanting to try hair coloring, she colored my hair for only 300 php! NEAAATT! ^^., It's an ash brown shade, and looks pretty natural. I liked it. My hair is a little bit curly (she curled my hair after coloring it, because the dye she used I think has a chemical that can used to curl my hair a little, to make it flowy,and yeah, curly/wavy) and I really really like my  hair. 

I loved how my hair turned out after a few months (when it was still 
permed), but at first, it was really really curly, that I didn't like it na (I looked Goldilocks at that time). I also discovered, that my hair is better when I don't use hair spray, or mousse, so I decided not to use any styling products. and it got better.

I am actually blessed with a pretty hair, silky, soft hair. Though I tend to have frizzy hair because my hair is super thin, it gets very wavy and unmanageable. And I always comb my hair because of that dilemma, but I always lose it! more than 10 combs of Paganini I think! or more!  (that's why I had it permed, less hassle). But now, I love my hair without using expensive products!! HOW? Here it is! :)

my FAVORITE. latest addiciton! oh my my.. :)
photo source here

I actually use these for only once a month. 1 hair mask a month. lols. But I recommend you guys to use hair mask 2-3 a week.

vitress, human nature, citrus shine mist

These are the products I use. They are just ordinary products, and I think they work great. :)

Stay tune for part 2! >:D<

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