Saturday, September 3, 2011

MILK TEA: A cup of tea. with a twist!

I'm pretty sure most of you also love Milk Tea. I for one is addictive to it.
Milk tea has been a trend long time ago, but this season, I feel that it really reached its highest peak, seeing so more and more established stores selling milk tea. Will people get sick of drinking this? Me? walang sawaan! :)

I have been drinking green tea since I was in high school. And it seems my palate gets more and more intrigued with other drinks. My eldest sister was the one who introduced this drink to us. Milk tea stores were not that popular at that time I think. My sister usually buys her milk tea in a convenient store, particularly 7/11. Among their beverages, this certain milk in a bottle can be found there and whenever my sister sees one, she would get 10 bottles! They are easily sold out, that's why my sister's action was like that. =p I didn't like it at first taste, because I find it bitter -I love sweets (sweet tooth., ). And when milk tea wagon got its destination in our school, it became a staple in my everyday routine. Zen Tea was my favorite milk tea store before. I love it because of its milky taste and you still taste the tea but it is not bitter. It is more on the milky and sweet side. Then everytime I see stores selling milk tea, it just became a habit.

These are the stores I have visited and tried. I am not into fancy drinks. I usually buy the Original Milk Tea (labeled as Tapioca, pearl milk tea, Assam Milk tea, Nai- Cha)
version. No chocolate flavor, caramel, or any fancy ingredients. Though I have tried some flavors, I always stick to my original milk tea.

PS: PICTURES BELOW ARE NOT MINE., I just took it as a references. Source: Google Search

SERENITEA; MY 3rd Favorite Tried: Assam Milk Tea 100% Sugar Level.
The tea and the milk and the sweetness are well-balanced. Very refreshing and the pearls are great too! unlike the pearls from other stores.
why only 3rd? the price keeps me from buying this everyday. tsss. 
Nothing fancy,. Just right.
ZEN TEA: 2nd Favorite
TRIED: Naicha, Choco Milk Tea, and their Lychee Iced Tea and Green Apple. LOVE LOVE LOVE
more on a milky taste/slide
Tried: Aloe Vera Milk tea and Tapioca Milk Tea
MUST TRY: Calamansi with basil seeds

Tried:Tapioca Milk Tea
top seller in UST. among the other milk tea sellers
I think this is a sister company of ZEN TEA. Heard it from  the staff
Tried: Nai Cha. Milky taste
Tried: Japan Milk Tea and forgot the other one. hehe
Tried Milk Tea Tattler.
 More on a milky taste. STILL LOVE IT. There's a unique and distinct taste on it. ^^

CHATIMERAVE by my friend: Their Coffee version milk teas. The taste is so strong and very distinct. I will try it next time.
TRIED: Pearl Milk Tea. The Pearls in their milk tea are so soft and chewy. very different from the others that I have tried.

Bread Talk/ Toast Box Milk Tea.
Bitter Sweet Taste: I like it! :D

TRIVIA: Chatime is a taiwanese brand, and so is Zen Tea. ^^ Not sure with the other stores.
And now, I am really really craving for this milk tea! *Le Sighssss.
I told B that if ever I got angry at him. Well I always get mad at him hehehe.,
I told him, just give me milk tea and we'll be friends and lovers again. As if nothing happened. And he just laughed at me. :)) ., I am being serious. :| haha.

I HAVE YET TO TRY OTHER BRANDS like Bubble Tea And Happy Lemon!. SO exciteedddd. ^^

Have you tried this famous milk tea? Which one is your favorite?^^
Let me know! :D


wickeRmoss said... Best Blogger Tips

tea overload! LOL!

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow ang dami mo nang nasubukan! Inggit ako! :))

Ang nasubukan ko pa lang: Moonleaf, Serenitea and Teazzle. Moonleaf is along Maginhawa near U.P., they only have one size but it's as big as the large size of Serenitea tapos it's much cheaper (60 ata for basic milk tea if I remember correctly). Teazzle naman is in Global City pero wala masyadong lasa yung teas nila, and now they're probably losing customers to Serenitea BGC haha. Sayang. Hope they step up.

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes., Porno Pics for Milk Teas! >:D

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Need to try ung moonleaf. ^^
Try mo sis ung Chatime. meron sa banawe, taft and moa. :D not sure kung may iba p silang stores pero okay sya. :D
super dami ng varieties. ^^

Mar said... Best Blogger Tips

My fave bubble like you is the milk tea,which I get over at Quickly from the dina ages, lol! I'd love to try your suggestions next time. I'm such a bubble tea addict as well, they're one of my fave drinks, especially when it's hot! Thanks for sharing this! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hey! I love the drink!! x)

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