Tuesday, July 26, 2011

REVIEW: Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel EyeLiner

whooaaa! The product name is SSOOO LLONNGG!! HAHAHA. Longer than my days of being missing in action. HAHA. Kidding. =p

I am so sorry that it took so long for me to do another post. I was not feeling well and I had so much things to do. I am taking up a double degree course: Applied Economics and Accountancy, which means we have more workloads. haayysss. plus., I was getting lazy. -_- . Yes., That's me. lols

Since my classes got suspended because of the rain! (oh yeahhhh) I decided to use this time to join in giveaways and post this too!

Anyway., I have been using this product for quite sometime. I also got to use this to my 2 sister and my cousin because we had a night out last Saturday! (Hail to that!)

*I actually started taking up pictures last Saturday and supposed to post this at that day, but I ran out of time. :p

I usually use pencil eyeliners (estee lauder) and a liquid liner from Revlon and I only realized now that gel eyeliners are the best among them! It is the easiest when lining your lashes. :)) ., This is the first time I tried one because I always keep on saying I already have a lot of eyeliners and the gel ones will just give the same result. but heck no. they are much better. hihi.


  • very cheap. retails for only  Php 449.00
  • Does not have a weird scent
  • Nicely packed. I also like the glass container because it will help to seal and prevent the product from drying.
  • I love that it has a brush included- and I LOVE THE BRUSH. :) ., I didn't have a hard time using it. and the brush looks sturdy unlike the other free brushes. It also delivers thin and thick lines. :)
say hi to my maybelline smilee. haha

  • I am not good in describing ha., but I think it dries fast when swiped and has a "matte" finish. 
  • not heavy on the lids when applied!
  • Perfect for lining near your lash line. 
  • extremely pigmented
  • very creamy and it glides smoothly
  • long lasting! 
  • minimal budging. But I am not sure if this is a con or a pro because this is my first gel eyeliner and I don't have a clue if the other gel eyeliners budge/smudge horribly! =p
  • some gel eyeliners are said to dry out in the pot after a few months. I HOPE THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE OR ELSE. DEFINITELY NO-NO
  • It budged in the back of my hand. After washing it, I tried rubbing it, and here's the picture

  • It's not that easy to remove once it dries. I tried using the mixture I did (sunflower oil from human nature and philosophy 1 step cleanser) It took me 3-5 minutes to totally erase all the lines I did! lols

  • has limited shades available. I think it only comes in black and brown?

Over all. I cannot emphasize how happy I am the moment I purchased and tried it. Amen. =p ., I think this not cheap and not expensive either to think that it will last long and it is worth the money you paid. ^^

Overall rating 4.5/5 - ONLY BECAUSE IT BUDGED A LITTLE. (I think they all do, it's just a matter of how long it takes to budge or its lasting power)

UPDATE: MY cousin likes this! She is planning to buy this right away. AND I found out, that my mom is using this in her room! She took it! AND THAT'S RARE. She does not use make-up everyday! (once in a blue moon. lols). Maybe I should ask her some money (to lessen my spendings) to buy myself more make-ups? **Giddy. :)) 


Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

I loooooove this gel liner. I hardly use anything else. :)) Great review :)

psychedelicme said... Best Blogger Tips

great review! I purchased the fanny serrano gel liner because its cheaper but I think its not creamy enough. When i dip my brush I get too much product and end up putting it back to the container that's why its so messy.

I should try this!


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Kari: Hi ate Kari! ^^
Yes I have a feeling that this gel liner will be consumed very fassssttt... :p

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

psychedelicme : u should try this! :D It is very very creamy. ^^
it glides easily. :D

Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this liner too. I also just got it that's why I am looking to see what others say about it. I'm finding all good reviews! YAY!

In the US this also comes in a purple or maybe it's an eggplant color? I have that one and the black. I already had a brown one from L'Oreal but hardly used it because I had a sucky brush. But you are right the little brush that comes with this one is perfect. It's so good anyone can use gel or cream liner with it!

Thanks for your fun review on this liner!

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