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It's the season of lychees! And I am addicted with Lychees. I love Lychees. and Avocado. And Mango. And Grapes. AND. Durian. (lmao ^^)

So YES. Lychees are my Favorite for this season. It gives me a refreshing feeling, PLUS the taste is so amazing. I sometimes eat this as my food for dinner or breakfast =p ., Since I usually eat snacks like burger/shake/isaw/etc around 5 to 6pm. Lychees are my midnight food or sometimes, my dinner.

My skin also needs food. Our body, and efkerz, our face! :)
My post will focus more on how I feed my face with yummy-ness before I leave our house. :)

Before I use moisturizer and sunblock. I have my morning routine like washing, toning and all. I'll make a separate post about my morning and night routine. :D

No one is exempted for not using a moisturizer to your face! These are like food in the eyes of our skin. Even those who have oily skin must use moisturizers for they replenish/hydrate and nourish our skin after washing, toning and After all the harsh, polluted air (and other kinds of dirt) we consume/get outside. When it comes to moisturizers, it is hard to find THE ONE for you. As always, TRIAL AND TERROR WILL BE DONE, unless you are so lucky to find  your destined moisturizer in one trial.

I used to be those people who do not care about her face: How she looks, how great/bad her skin, since I always see my face without any pimples. SO why bother, right? But in the end, I sometimes get 1 or 2 bumps in my face probably because I am getting old and my hormones are changing which may cause this dilemma.

warriors ready! >:D

Those products in the picture are my past and current loves. =p
I stopped using some of it because I realized that some of it are not working for me, and not suitable for me.

here is the list of the products shown in the picture from left to right
Venus and Mars Keep Safe Tinted Facial Sunblock SPF 35
Clinique anti-blemish solution (clearing moisturizer)
2 tubes of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (I have 2 of this too ^^)
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
JASON SUNBRELLAS Facial Natural Sunblock SPF 20
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer waterlight lotion (sunblock)
Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer
Venus and Mars Emu Oil
(I also used Clean and Clear oil-free moisturizer first moisturizer that I used when I was in High School. :D )

So what's my favorite moisturizer among these? Definitely the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL. -this is so light and it glides smoothly! It is suitable for my oily skin. This product is easily absorbed by my skin the moment I cover my face with it. This is what I use in the morning/afternoon. I bought this one (the smallest tube) in Rustan's Makati when I joined Projectvanity's CLinique Party. It costs 1500 php together with the toner and facial wash. It is expensive. That's why I asked my aunt to buy a set also in USA (travel set also since I am still trying the products if it work) with a cheaper price. If you buy this in Clinique USA. You will really get more product with your money. I don't use this in the evening for 1 main reason: I DON'T WANT TO CONSUME TOO MUCH OF THIS! I might end up running out fast! :))) I can't afford to buy this all the time. hihihi. That's why I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion. This one is suitable for dry skin. I am using this in the evening so that my DDMG will last longer and because sleeping in a fully air-conditioned room can dry your skin. Having a thicker moisturizer is not so bad after all to keep it moisturized against it. :D

As for the others. I used the MOISTURE SURGE EXTENDED THIRST RELIEF for my undereyes. AND YES! I AM SAVING IT SO MUCH UNTIL MY AUNT CAN GIVE ME ONE. hihihi. I got this as a freebie in Clinique Makati (Projectvanity's clinique party2). Miss Liz told me that she really really likes this moisturizer even in her undereyes because IT IS THAT GOOD. So I decided to use it in that area only. AND I AGREE WITH HER.

Clinique Anti Blemish solution moisturizer is for those poeple having a horrible nightmare with their blemishes. This is not for those who have 1 or 2 blemishes ha. If you use this all over your face, you must be given a permission by the Clinique SA first because as far as I know, this is too strong. This is also a freebie I got and the SA informed to dab it on the blemish itself and not all over my face. At first, I said to myself, "It's Working!", but for unknown reason, I think my skin got immuned to it. So I just use this if I have no options na. (I am not having breakouts na btw! And if I do, I also have my TBS tea tree oil ^^)

My Emu oil is good as a moisturizer at night. FYI-This is OIL so for those with oily skin, don't dare use this in the afternoon! I stopped using this because I like my Clinique na. AND. This is also good for scars and scratches/gasgas. So I think I well end up using this as a scar remover just in case it really works and true with their claims (that's how I use it. for light scars. NOT SURE IF IT WORKS) SO That this will not go into WASTE. I think this costs less than 500. Or a little over 500 php. Just check their site! =p (

The Juice Beauty Oil-Free moisturizer is expensive too. This costs 1500-1800 php in Beauty Bar. This is one of their bestsellers according to their SA because it is organic. But, I do not like it, nor hate it. It is good, but there is something that bothered me when using this. There's a heat + tingling sensation everytime I use it. It has a long expiration , so I have it as back-up lang. JUST IN CASE. =p

The Venus and Mars Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock is good for those with dry skin. It is a tinted moisturizer PLUS SPF. SO YEAH. THAT'S GOOD. But I found out that this is the culrpit why I always blot twice or thrice a day. This is too oily for me. IMO.

For my sunscreens, I just recently bought these two. JASON SUNBRELLAS NATURAL SUNBLOCK SPF20 FROM Healthy Option. YEAH. from that place. I am not aware of that. And It is surprisingly CHEAP! around 450.00 php(10$) for 4.5oz (120 ml?). Compared to Neutrogena ultra sheer waterlight lotion SPF 50 which cost 460++ php for 30ml. The Jason sunblock is oil-free, hypoallergenic, parabeen free and non-comodogenic. It has UVA/UVB Protection but not stated how high it is.. This is what I use on a daily basis. It looks thick when dispensed, BUT it gets thinner and thinner when applied in my skin. I really really love it. As for my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock, I am still experimenting on it. It has a watery substance and the SPF is high and their PA protection is also high (PA+++). I use this IF I know that I will be having outdoor activities or if I will be most of the time,under the sun. THE 2 PRODUCTS DID NOT BREAK ME OUT, Just to inform you. :D

I ALSO TRIED THE DERMALOGICA SUPER RICH SUNBLOCK SPF 30. This is what I used last summer. I was given 8 samples of it. It is very very thick. I liked it at first, but ended up not liking it because I think this makes me oilier. SO I RECOMMEND THIS for those with dry skin. :)

SO. THAT's IT GUYS! If you have any questions. Leave me a comment. ^^

PS: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE IF YOUR MOISTURIZER SUITS YOU. Get a BLOTTING PAPER (oil control film like clean and clear) and pour a small amount of the product and check how the blotting paper absorbs the oil. Got this from someone's blog post. :) will show you an example next time. :D


Rae said... Best Blogger Tips

I have Jason SPF 20 too. I agree, Healthy Options sunblocks are not expensive.

My HG sunblock for the beach is Nature's Gate Very Water Resistant Sunblock.

wickeRmoss said... Best Blogger Tips

hello tin! of course i remember you! good thing you're back to blogging! keep in touch! :))

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hi tin! congrats, you've got 5blog awards!! hope you like! muahhh

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Moisturizers yey! :D
I've passed on an award to you. Please check it out here. :D

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

@Rae: ohh I hope I can try Nature's Gate Very Water Resistant Sunblock too. I don't think we have this here in Philippines. =p But. I already like the Jason sunblock anyway. so cheap. ^^

Wickermoss: Hi ate! :D yes!I'll keep in touch! ^^ I will also join your contest. haha :D

Diane: Hi Diane! Thank You so MUCH!!! :D I WILL DEFINITELY DO THE POST :)

Janinay: YAY! Another award! :D THANK U THANK U! ^^
I'll check it as soon as I finish my post! :D

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