Monday, August 1, 2011

I miss blogging

huhuhuhu. I miss writing. I am not feeling well ., as I am writing this short update, I am coughing (very itchy bec of sore throat) while listening to my prof for our class. hihi. T.T

I have been very busy also, I myself do not know what to write in my blog these past few days. Not enough inspiration-slash-motivation I guess? ., What do you want me to write? What do you want to know? Because I am afraid that my writings are not good enough to be read by other people. Ohwweeelllllllll. my cough is just getting worse and worse. -.-

g2g. will try to figure out what I want to do. AND I REALLY NEED TO STUDY VERY HARD


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

get well soon! A lot of people are getting sore throats nowadays! take care! :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Studies and your health first before anything else! Get well soon! :)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Mia: THANK U SO MUCH MIAAA!! ^^ ., mahilig kasi sa sweets eh. ayan tuloy. =p Take care also! :D

Janinay: THANK U THANK U SWEETIE! ^^ ., I am getting lazy nowadays.. can't wait to find a job? no din. :)) =p tc and gb! :D

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