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Thanks to miss Diane. This is the first time I received a blog award. It's so awesome that this is entitled as 5 BLOG AWARDS! KUDOS KUDOS! >:D

Now, as part of receiving and passing over the blog awards.. Here are the 7 facts about me:

1) My name is Christine Reyes. I don't know if it sinks in your great minds but I have the same name or screen name (if this is not her real name) with Cristine Reyes (minus the "h"., haha). when I studied in ust taking up med tech, my seatmate's name is ma. kristina barbara reyes.... kristina reyes. sooo cooolll. hahaa. =p seating beside each other. and when I transferred to another school, I found out that there is someone (higher level than me I think) who is named Kristine Reyes. I don't know if that's the correct spelling, but she has that name. OMG. my name is so commoonn. :)) ., BUT THE TRUTH IS., saying that my name is so awesome and cool because it is rare to be in that situation, GIVES ME an AWKWARD feeling. :| I ended up not liking my name, and it kinda lessens my self-esteem. I always think that the actress is so well-known and popular, it gives me the feeling that i am being compared with her. AND OF COURSE I KNOW SHE IS SO HIGH TO REACH. But oh well. There's nothing I can do about my name, isn't?

2) I am an ALMOST-true-blooded- thomasian. :)) ., I studied in UST since kidergarten all the way to grade school, high school, and 2nd year college. I really hate Science (but I am happy to inform you that I was once a DL during my med tech years) and Medical Technology is not a joke. REALLY. NO SOCIAL LIFE. NO BREAKS. It is usually 6 days of classes and you start your class very early, ended up super late! I didn't fail any subjects, but I knew that I would not be able to finish it. I am now taking up Applied Economics and Accountancy.

3) Every time I follow other people in their blogs, I do not leave comments. hehehe. Because I am a lazy girl, I am usually a silent reader. Just reading your blogposts, then switched to another and so on! I usually read blogs for 2-3 hours! Imagine! :))

I am challenging myself from now one, that every time I read your blogs, I will try my best to leave a comment. At least 3 comments a day? eh? =p


This is really really bad for me. Especially in a relationship. -_- . It really really sucks. I sometimes wish that I should not have experienced this in the past/now, because I am too young to handle this kind of emotions and I NEED TO STUDY FIRST AND GRADUATE. (mind you, our situation is not your typical kind of stories., I just wish it is.haysss)

5) I LOVE READING COMICS LIKE Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead,. all archie comics edition. It makes me relaxed. sooo muuccchh. ^^

6) I am the only one in my family who WANTS make-up! :| ., I do not know why! My 2 sisters, and my mom do not put make-up even a powder everyday. However, I always want to look myself presentable and with make-up like powder, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and lipstick. Maybe I was adopted? lols

7) My biggest frustration is my face becoming acne-prone. :(( Skin care is something that is hard to experiment. When you get the wrong product, expect that you'll get a blemish or black heads, etc. It is a trial and error in my case. It really makes me sad. And this is one thing that I do not have patience. But during those waiting time, these blemishes are visible and can easily affect the rest. I JUST HATE IT. "mapaexpensive or mapamura, kapag hindi hiyang sayo., wala ka talagang magagawa" SIGHS.

The Favorite Questions :

Name your favorite colors:
Pink/Hot Pink, Black, Vintage Brown, Red, Green, any pastel colors, bronze

Name your favorite song:
I don't think I have. I am not a music lover. But I DO listen to music

Name your favorite dessert:
Mango grahams! :) and fruits (mango, lychee, durian)

What pisses you off:

Bitch.., girls/boys who have nothing but do some shits in their life (especially when someone is affected with their deeds)
When your upset you:
I tend to cry, and cry, and cry. OR I go out and look for my B and just be with him. OR (again) read blogs do some beautiful things

Your favorite pet:
 DOGS! ^^

Black or white:

Your biggest fear:
to end up being nothing and unemployed? :)) and lose my love ones (OF COURSE)

Best feature:
My hair? :)) 

Everyday Attitude:
Never Lose Hope. Just DO YOUR BEST and EXPECT LESS. ^^

What is perfection:

Guilty pleasure:
Make-ups and skin-care products

There You Go! ^^ Did you get intrigued? :D

Here are the Awards :

With this award comes some rules:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

 I joined the world of blogging because of these people. They are the ones who I keep on reading their blogs every single day, and the ones who inspired me to have courage to try it because of what I feel towards it, etc .  I began sending comments and messages (in the point of getting to know each other) to others as well, so I included them here too. I AM HAPPY TO LIST DOWN THE GIRLS WHO MADE ME ENJOY BLOGGING. :D
I wanted to included Miss Diane, but she is the one who tagged me. =p

Leave me a comment so I can read yours too. :)


Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

awww I'm really happy to know that you enjoy reading my blog. now I'm Thanks for the tag sis! Hugs!

ThisIsAlx said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the awards :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Ako rin silent reader madalas. :D

And yeah I thought of the actress immediately when I learned about your name. :P

I tagged you with these awards din (plus another! dagdag mo na lang? hihi). Ok lang na you did them na. You deserve them! :D

blog awards

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

JANINAY: thank u dear! will do it asap! :D haha. I know. magpabago na kaya ako ng name? =p

Hollie: oh yeah! I have been reading ur blog long time ago. ahhaa. =p silent reader lng talaga. hihihi

ThisISAlx: Thank u sis! >:D<

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

JANINAY: thank u dear! will do it asap! :D haha. I know. magpabago na kaya ako ng name? =p

Hollie: oh yeah! I have been reading ur blog long time ago. ahhaa. =p silent reader lng talaga. hihihi

ThisISAlx: Thank u sis! >:D<

Pammy said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the awards and thanks for tagging me. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats ^,^ Glad you liked and enjoyed doing the tag award :)

You shouldn't feel that way. Kebs sa kanila ^^
What matter is you and your character.
you'll eventually overcome those feelings.. but you should accept and be proud of your name too =)

I'm a silent reader din.. kse I was so shy before.. easily intimidated. I thought my opinion is unnecessary. I'm just happy now-that I learn to interact.. I comment with all my heart.. so sincerity is always.

God Bless you hun!

~tHiAmErE~ said... Best Blogger Tips


i practically grew up reading archie comics myself!

i know what you are saying about acne...
i've had my share & it could really make a person so conscious of themselves creating a very poor self image
i hope that you'll be able to find products that works for you,hun

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Diane: Thank u din po sis! :D ang cool nga eh. You used to be shy, ngayon. dami mo ng followers waiting for your posts and your opinion! :) o diba? :D Good luck sa ating mga new bloggers! ^^

Pammy: you're welcome sis! Thank u din for accepting it! :D

Thiamere: wow. Archie comics lovers pala tayo! ^^., I have read your posts regarding how you dealt with your acne and blemishes. Sana ako din maintindihan ko na tong need ng skin ko. Thank u sis pala. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks again sissy!
i made my post, owedy.. sorry it took a while..
here's the link:
here's the link:
thank you!

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