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Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick/Rouge and Lip Swatches + EL Collection

I am having mixed emotions nowadays! ARGGGHHH. I really want to escape and enjoy life, but as always, Life is not all about happiness and enjoying a leisure life (If there is a thing as paradise in infinity, bring me there!). This is the ugly truth! hahahah. You just can't have it all. Sorry, I am just rambling. As I promised, since I still cannot find the pics from my clarisonic, I have to feed you with lip swatchessss. bwahahah. =p

Estee Lauder is one of the brand I am familiar since 10 years old or even younger! Bec. that is what my aunts used to give my mom and my other aunts here in Phil eveytime they visit us. I was lucky to have them because they are the reason why I began to like make-ups and enjoy playing with them. :)

These are all the Estee Lauder Lippies I got. :D ., They are all creamy and it also lasts long in my lips. :) There are some which I find the formula dry, but most of them can be used without wearing a lip balm underneath. I only have 1 PROBLEM WITH IT. ONE PROBLEM. THEY EASILY BREAK/BEND TOWARDS THE metal rim (i don't know exactly how you call it). I think they melt easily that's why they tend to break into half. That's why in the picture they are NOT aligned straight inside the container. Although this can be prevented by using a lip brush or using it very carefully or you just make sure you are not in a humid area. But my dilemma is, I am always outside walking and going on a ride. It is very humid in Manila!!! ., And I do not swipe this lippies very carefully (always on the go dude.), so yeah. That's my Prob.

I'll be posting 4 lip swatches from my Estee Lauder Collection. They are my latest lippies from the said brand and I got them last year. :) .,

From L-R: Fig, Tiger Eye, Candy, and Rose Tea

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I do not have an SLR and my camera kinda sucks. But I put all my effort to show justice with their colors. I posted 2-4 pictures of each lipstick shade for you to see the color with and without flash. Since I only use digital camera, it was really really hard for me to show the real shade, thus, tantamount pictures were posted :p


Among the 4 shades from the Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Line, Rose Tea is my favorite! Well, you can tell how it is massacred in the container because it easily melts and tends to bend/break. It is a very good shade for my lips. My lips just love it everytime I use this! It is matte, and the color is between a baby pink matte and a hot pink shade. IT IS JUST SO GOOD! IMO, this shade is perfect for all skintone.


I love the name of this shade- very catchy! However, the shade is so-so for me because it really does not show clearly in my lips, maybe because of my skintone. I tried this color to my friend who is morena, and the shade is fantastic on her! She is glowing because of the shade! :) The shade is shimmery and it is a bronzy/gold color which is really beautiful; it just doesn't suit my lips.


This is the least favorite shade among the 4. It is sheer and shimmery, and the color does not suit me. The shade is between the hot pink and a hint of violet. I prefer matte ones. This shade will probably suit with nc/w 15-25 .. someone with light/fair complexion. I also think this will be good for people with pink undertone. me think.


I do not know why it is called FIG! The name "Fig" reminds me of NYX in Fig which is like a hot pink, am I right? .,I am not sure, but this Fig from Estee Lauder is reddish brown (I THINK?) and it had s sheer+matte formula. It is red shade you can wear everyday! I swear, this is my 2nd favorite:next to Rose Tea. This is also the hardest shade to pull off in camera pics! I swear. I cannot justify the color in the pics for whatever reason. I think this color perfect for all skintone also. I hope you'll believe in me. This one is really good. :) It is not a loud red, and neither it is a Hot red or true red.

Overall, they are great! :) I do not know how much it is here in Philippines, but I am somewhat sure that these shades are available here. When I swiped these babies in my lips, I give them 2-5 minutes for me to see the real color. Once it settled in my lips, the color is diff compared to the shade when instantly swiped.
I hope you enjoy this post, let me know if you also have your favorite Estee Lauder Lipstick! :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh I love the Tea Rose one. :D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oops. Rose Tea I mean. Just that a lotta lipstick brands have Tea Rose. :P

Pammy said... Best Blogger Tips

Rose Tea and Fig both look very pretty and wearable! :)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Janinay: YES. haha. The name also reminds me of Tea Rose! I think 3 to 4 brands of lipsticks have a shade Tea Rose. :)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Pammy: YES. Rose Tea is so darn beautiful. hahaha. :p ., I don't like the candy though. ;p I find myself having a hard time rocking that shade!! :))

my make up said... Best Blogger Tips

Tea Rose - is the most popular Estee Lauder lipstick.

Iris said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi :)
I have just found out your blog, I love it!
I was looking for the rose tea lipstick swatch indeed and it is very nice...but having copper hair and a yellow skin undertone, would you suggest it to me?

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