Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 GOODIES TO BE WON! : No-Reason-Giveaway! / Cheering-The-Readers-Giveaway! :)

Hello People! :) I am still not in the mood to sstuuudddyyyy :(( ., I will probably not sleep because I have midterms tomorrow. 1 subject, but it's my major. :| haysss. My motivations are getting lower and lower. If I will compare what I am doing now and my HS years. I am on my ZERO level. sigghhsss* ., I want to cheer myself and my readers. (**HELLO there!) :) .. SO I DECIDED TO HAVE SOME GIVEAWAYS! yyeeyyyy :)) .

, I really have no reason awhile ago that's why I posted it as a "No-Reason-Giveaways", but it can also be a "cheering-the-readers-giveaways"! HAHAHAH =p They are not that "bigatin" if I will compare these with the others. But I just want to make my blog as lively as possible! :))) ., So without further ado, here they are =p

PS: Most of the things here are brand new except for BB cream, bag, and the chunky long necklace. Info's about the items will be expounded further.

Goodie #1
Avon Body Powder in IMARI
Purederm BB Cream (I just used this once, the expiration date is on 2013/2014)
Banana Boat ULTRA PROTECT Sunscreen Lotion SPF80 (for face and body)
Bath&Body Works Body Splash in Magnolia Blossom

Goodie #2
Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF15 mini sample
Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Creme mini sample
(these mini samples are great for you if you want to test the product first for 2-3 weeks! These are not yet used and I got these from my aunt in US when she visited us last June)
Daiso/Saizen Cleansing Cream
Bobbie Polish Regular in Grass Skirt
Bobbie Polish Holiday Collection in Flower Girl
Bobbie Polish Regular in Parasail

Goodie #3

Long Chunky Bracelet (bought in Hawaii for 15$)
Liz Claiborne shoulder bag in color light yellow plus a hint of gold? [this one was bought by yours truly in Macy's in USA. not sure if in Macy's but I am sure it is authentic! I have not used it since I bought it (which makes me sad) and instead of selling or throwing this, I decided to give it away] there is an itsy-bitsy tiny damage in the handle, but it is not noticeable! 

length about 12 inches

length of the necklace . not sure but it  is beyond my bra-length :)) ., it can probably reach your tummy area (for length references) the bag in the upper right is encircled, just to let you know that's the real color of the bag. The 1st 2 pics are lighter bec. of the flash.

HOW TO JOIN? EASY AS 1-2-3! :))
  • This contest is exclusive to PHILIPPINES RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Be a FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG  publicly and comment below! (You'll earn 1 point already)
  • Make a blog entry about this giveaway (spreadddd it) and You'll earn 2 points :)
  • Put this contest in your blog sidebar. (you'll earn another 1 pont)
  • You can also post it in your facebook, or twitter and you'll earn another point (2 points if both)
  • Add in your comment the links if you post this in your blog, fb, or twitter. :)
  • The deadline will be on August 11,2011 (3 weeks from now) . Winners will be announced within a week after the deadline.
  • Winners will be picked via FRUIT MACHINE NAME PICKER


PS: I am not sponsored by anyone. Just to let you know. ;)



Jessica-Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Awh, great giveaway -- I really wanted to participate, but I'm not in hte P.I. ;( Great blog by the way <3

Please checkout my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway -- it's my first giveaway :)


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

awww. sayang. =p
But I hope you can help me spread this contest for your subscribers living in PI :)

Issa said... Best Blogger Tips

hi please enter me. i'm a new follower!

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hello christine!
i already tweeted and facebooked your giveaway..
oh i made a post here -http://www.mykissenmakeup.com/search/label/giveaway

good luck and congrats for having your first giveaway!

aringkingking said... Best Blogger Tips

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Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

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Mhoie1325 said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice giveaway! I'm joining. Please enter me!

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More followers & giveaways to come! Best of luck to everyone! ^_^

Crystal Cruz said... Best Blogger Tips

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enter me pls!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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i want to JOIN ..!! :)

Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome Giveaway!

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Daya, muito prazer... said... Best Blogger Tips

Daiane Negretti
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Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

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Really eyeing the daiso's. Awesome giveaway sis!

swexie said... Best Blogger Tips

please enter me! =)

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Bachuchay said... Best Blogger Tips

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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Lukie said... Best Blogger Tips

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Lukie said... Best Blogger Tips

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Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

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Lourdes Espanol said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely prizes! Hope I win!

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aine said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm joining! :)

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for this sweetie! :D

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Whew! I can't believe I almost missed this! :P

MissGennD said... Best Blogger Tips
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MissGennD said... Best Blogger Tips

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Good luck to everyone!

Lara Faye said... Best Blogger Tips

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thanks! :)

Dianne said... Best Blogger Tips

Joined your giveaway

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Alta Infante said... Best Blogger Tips

1. I've followd your blog via GFC (Alta Infante)
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goodluck to all of us. :)

Cielo said... Best Blogger Tips

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