Monday, August 1, 2011

First Attempt on Falsies!

As I have said last time, I bought these false eyelashes for only 100.00 php (8 pairs)! It was the first time I saw falsies priced at a fair value, or even lower than the usual market value for these. I was intrigue by that, knowing that I am not blessed with beautiful and awesome lashes, I bought 2 from Say . Check her FB page for more info. She has 11 diff sets for the lashes. ^^ As I have said on my previous post, I met up with Ms. Say, and I know she is super busy and I was so makulit. :)) ., We were supposed to meet last last week, but because of the heavy rain, we postponed it for the 1st, and 2nd time. :p ., I am not in a hurry kasi I will be using it naman just for fun. So yun. HAHA. Thank You Miss Say (she is from UST, and I am from UST[before I shifted]. huraaay!. haha. ). :D

Lashes by SAY. (I now pronounce it as the BRAND NAME.haha lols )

I bought the Roseanne and LeJannie Lashes (since the packaged was labeled in diff language, Say named them for order/transaction purposes, I guess?). Roseanne is shorter and thicker compared with LeJannie that has thinner and longer strands. I like them both. But I am not used to wearing lashes everyday. =p ., They are made of plastic, I think the material is commonly used naman to all lashes? ., I want to try the Ardell lashes, but they are expensive for my taste. :)) I do not know how to re-use lashes so I threw it away after my first attempt. lols

Here is my attempt. I also used a lash glue from Hortaleza which was used during my 18th birthday (1 year and 3 months ) :)) The upper part was already dry! I had to pull the dried/tacky glue to use the remaining. haha. I will buy lash glue next time. I need to buy one that is worth the money! >:D

with my papa B. haha. waiting for the valet. gonna watch Captain America! ^^

I am not expert in tight lining my upper waterline. haha. But it looks natural naman, kahit papano. ;p

oh my flat nose. :)))

Hope You like it! :)


Czarina said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE falsies.(:
Wear them everyday.<3

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Czarina: I am loving it too! But I don't have the guts to wear falsies everyday s school! >:p

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