Friday, August 5, 2011

Going One, Going Twice., and maybe THRICE? -NYX Heredes

My love for NYX Heredes is a feeling that will last forever and eternity, EXCEPT FOR THE FORMULA hahaha. I adore this shade among the 10 Nyx RL I got here. I just WISH they have this shade in their NYX LIPS (another line/collection of the brand). This is my "GO TO" shade everyday. I wear a different lipstick in the morning before I go out, and once it fades, I automatically get this and swipe all over my lips with a smack. (just kidding with the smack., haha). FYI: I always have 3-5 (how ironic) lipsticks in my bag because I am always on the go and I just junk them all inside my bag. BUT. I always end up using this shade. This is probably the best shade I got from NYX. It suits me well. It gives me this freshness right away. There's a certain matte-gloss vibe I feel (matte with a hint of gloss) and it just gives warmth to my face.

NYX Heredes is more of a brownish/bronze+orange shade. Probably with a little red added to it. This shade can be worn with any kind of look you want to do: neutrals, bright, smokey, or simply a fresh look. The color doesn't scream/shout in your lips because it is not really a bold color, well for those warm color. I am not sure with cool/pink undertone.

Brief Overview for NYX Round Lipstick


  • many great colors to choose from!
  • Great price. 160-200 php per tube
  • Very pigmented
  • Very creamy
  • not drying- lip balm is not necessary. but you may still use it.
  • Good to experiment what shades suit you


  • Not as long-lasting as other lipsticks
  • it easily melts! I bring this everyday in my bag. And everytime I use this while I am under the sun, it's horrible.
  •  It melts a little, AND it is easy to crack/break because it is so soft (humid weather)
  • because of humidity, it may bleed in your lips when you don't apply it properly
  • The material used for the product is not sturdy. AS SEEN ON MY PHOTOS.

I already finished my 1st tube, and to my surprise., my 2nd tube is halfway empty! goshhhhhhhhhhh. 
bec it melted. that's why it looks like blah in my pic. =p

the label is fading. tear and wear? :p

uh-oh. (where's the cap with the shade inside thingy?)

halway right?

What's your favorite Lipstick? What shade is it? and Have you finished a tube of lipstick already? Tell me. :>

PS: will reply to the comments tomorrow. sorry. I am so slow in writing and it's past midnight. I have classes pa. :(


MissGennD said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with the soapy smell and taste which I really hate on lippies~ I know someone who retails them for 95-115. =)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Miss Genn D: Reallyy??? OH COME ON. :)) where? I love to buy from that someone. haha. ^^
Yes. I really hate the soapy taste! Soapy smell, I can tolerate pa. but the taste? :|

Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

Mine don't have a smell, or rather, I went to sniff them and it was a very weak soapy smell so I never noticed it before I read your post. But you are right about the taste! I must have never licked my lips while wearing these before, but I definitely taste soap now!

An ULTA just recently opened near me, before then there was no where to buy NYX, and I wasn't going to buy online some product I had never even seen. So I've only had these lipsticks for less than a month and worn them maybe 5 or 6 times. I have "perfect" and "tea rose" and love the color of both, but yeah, no lasting power. Oh well, I'll still buy more since they are so cheap and just keep reapplying.

Alta Infante said... Best Blogger Tips

I like Nyx RL Louisiana! It's like a Barbie-ish pink lips look. I love it! :)

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