Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Haul! Addicted ,, eh?

Probably because of stress? lols. I keep on buying more and more things. O.o
Quic post. :)
I will not probably make another one tonight and tomorrow because I really want to sleep for 10 hours! :)) ., And I have to wake up early  because I am so in demand tomorrow!! HAHAH. just kidding. ^^
But ., really, I don't think I will be able to breathe and relax tomorrow. But, I am sure I will be loving the day tomorrow! :D I will be able to see all my friends. 2 partiess!! And bonding with B. And I have to hurry because I need to get more stocks for my mini food cart. ^^

So anyhoooo. I went shopping again while waiting for B in his hockey training.
Without further ado.,

I bought Ponds age miracle dual eye cream. My under eye areas are just getting worse. hahaha. SO I need to do something about it. I need to exert effort.

Clean and Clear oil control sheets. Just a back-up! :D I just love the smell. Gosh. :))

Joy Ultra Hand care dishwashing liquid. FOR my brushes. ! :) gonna try enkore's DIY brush cleaner AGAIN. And will use this for deep cleaning also. :) So far, I am loving it. (I just washed my brush. hihi)

Vitress.! As you all know, I am loving my hair because of this and Human nature sunflower oil. SO I definitely need a back-up! ^^ ., Stay tune for my part2 post for my hair care routine. :D

Garnier BB eye roll on. I am thinking of using this every afternoon or morning. It's like a bb cream. Only .. it is for the eyes. haha.^^ . I hope I will love this. The product is really interesting! ^^

A laced bolero/blazer. It looks great!! I just was not able to take a picture perfectly. =p It is fitted when worn and it just adds a new touch to whatever you are wearing! :D

That's it!
Hope po you enjoy your day tomorrow! >:D



MissGennD said... Best Blogger Tips

Love love love hauls! Thanks for sharing~

Julz said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I've been meaning to buy that BB Garnier Roll, does it work for you? I'm just asking though, 'coz some reviews says it's not that impressive.

Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard the same Julz. No one is seeing any results from it, but I also hear that it's so soothing, refreshing, and cooling that it's addictive! lol I guess sometimes you just want a product because it makes you feel good. I know I want to try that Garnier product just to have something refreshing for my eyes about mid day, when I'm feeling a little tired.

Eva en Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks dear! Following you too now :-)!

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