Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a T-Shape Toothbrush?? yes it is! by Denson + giveaway update

Who would have thought that there is still a way to make you toothbrush way crazier than the one from Colgate and Oral-B??? ., Well. Denson Company did.

I find it, WEIRD,.,.. and CUTE? =p
source: from Denson website
When I saw this box of Denson Toothbrush last Saturday, my mind went blank because... it was just so different! :)) ., "What in the world is this?", my mind said. 

For some, who only see this now in my blog., I tried googling it, and I saw these. :)

It also says in the box that this invention already received 4 or more than 4 awards because of this innovation! How cool is that? ., I am quite sold since my mom bought this anyway. 

I have been using this for a few days, and so far., I am loving it. :) It was hard to use this when trying to reach the molar part of my teeth since it is in T-shape and shape itself was blocking. But I got used to it awhile ago. And I can say that it delivers what it promised. My teeth really felt clean and smooth after using it. I thought that it was not really doing anything fantastic while using it, but after brushing and rinsing, that's where I felt .. "YEAH. it is good". 

not detachable. I think the 1st pic is better. it is detachable unlike mine.

I'll update you on what I think about this toothbrush since I am really really busy. :( Last Friday was the last time I posted here. I only realized this week that my 1 week term break is fast approaching and so is my final examination! So., I guess few posts for the next 2 weeks for me and my blog. PLEASE.. PRAY FOR ME!!! >.<


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AND. I WANT TO GREET MS DIANE OF mykissenmakeup A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I am late na. But it's the thought that counts ^^ =p Hope You Had a Great day with you family and friends. ^^ Sana with bloggers din. haha. >:D< Bloggers' meetup, anyone? :D

I will reply to all the comments and questions posted here tomorrow. I have this monthly visit (yeeahhh), and I am so sleepy every night and day, and I probably need 8-11 hours of sleep just to wake up and stand up in the morning!

Enjoy the week pretty ladies! :D


Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

wow kakaibang toothbrush.. id love to try one like that too.. where did you get it sis?and how much nabili ni mom mo?

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

@BelleI don't know sis where she bought it eh :(
But I checked s they sell these., mura lang ^^

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