Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Last Year--Present (Hair Care Routine)

My hair at exactly 1 year ago.  I had it permed last Aug 2010 at CUT., I asked them for a bigger curlers.

whut am I doing here? lols. :))

see? super Ccuurrllyyy hair. O.o

still wearing a purple lens. :D

THEN MY HAIR AFTER 7-9 MONTHS,. (March-May 2011)

AND NOW. ^^ May 2011. -PRESENT.

I had my hair cut at home (home service by our mom's friend). She was the one who did my hair and make-up during mg 18 bday celebration. She is a patient of my mom and she works at a luxury salon, catering services to actors/actresses like Lorna Tolentino, Kim, Dina V. from head to foot. I do not know all her clients, but I am sure pretty she did great! :) Because of perming, my hair got little damaged, and became dried and brittle at the ends of my hair. So I just had it cut, and since I have been wanting to try hair coloring, she colored my hair for only 300 php! NEAAATT! ^^., It's an ash brown shade, and looks pretty natural. I liked it. My hair is a little bit curly (she curled my hair after coloring it, because the dye she used I think has a chemical that can used to curl my hair a little, to make it flowy,and yeah, curly/wavy) and I really really like my  hair. 

I loved how my hair turned out after a few months (when it was still 
permed), but at first, it was really really curly, that I didn't like it na (I looked Goldilocks at that time). I also discovered, that my hair is better when I don't use hair spray, or mousse, so I decided not to use any styling products. and it got better.

I am actually blessed with a pretty hair, silky, soft hair. Though I tend to have frizzy hair because my hair is super thin, it gets very wavy and unmanageable. And I always comb my hair because of that dilemma, but I always lose it! more than 10 combs of Paganini I think! or more!  (that's why I had it permed, less hassle). But now, I love my hair without using expensive products!! HOW? Here it is! :)

my FAVORITE. latest addiciton! oh my my.. :)
photo source here

I actually use these for only once a month. 1 hair mask a month. lols. But I recommend you guys to use hair mask 2-3 a week.

vitress, human nature, citrus shine mist

These are the products I use. They are just ordinary products, and I think they work great. :)

Stay tune for part 2! >:D<


The Shoe Bunny said... Best Blogger Tips

I like your curls from march to may 2011!! Just followed you, mind following back? :>


Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Your hair grew out nicely! :) And I love Vitress too!

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

The SHoe Bunny: Thank u sis! :D ., I love my curls back way then. :D ., during those times. >:D<
will on ur blog! :D

Kari: Yessss it did! :D I am lucky to have a nice hair, thin silky smooth, but because my hair is too thin. frizzy hair paminsan minsan. Kaya nllove ko ang human nature sunflower oil and vitress! Affordable pa! >:)

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