Friday, August 5, 2011

a quick post for my quick haul+rant

Here again, blogging and ranting at the same. How cool is that? .,
I am so sleepy,..... and I am so stressed. I feel so weak and tired just by thinking about my school works. :( ., I am interested with economics and accountancy, but they just don't work together! My mind and body are being torn apart, because of all the things to be done PLUS my other subjects which are still important btw (to pull your grades higher). I just find it harder to focus. With two diff majors at the same time. or maybe,. I am just feeling SOOO tired and sleepy because I cannot sleep at night right away. I get too excited in reading other people's blog and making a post for my blog also. I end up sleeping around past 12 or 1 in the morning, then I have to wake up at 6am or 7:30 am. As ya'll know, I LOVE SLEEPING. haha. And I want 8-9 hours of sleep. So yeah, I get too lazy waking up right away every time the alarm clock shouts at me.

Anyway, my rant was not supposed to be written, and my only intention is to post a quick haul that I did last night. I bought another set of lashes from Say as I saw one of her comments that this one is the most natural looking lashes she got among the sets. I love the Roseanne, as it looks natural in photos, but in personal?., It's too thick for a natural looking eyes and eye lashes., So I asked another pair which is Chloe. I love the strands of this set because it is not too thin and not too thick which is good if your aiming for a fresh natural look. I would love to use this right away, but I don't use falsies at school days. Then I did some grocery shopping for my mini food cart business. I ran out of ingredients, so I headed to Puregold right after I met with B. I was looking for the ingredients when I glanced in the beauty section. oooohhhh, they only have Ever Bilena, Careline, and Maybelline. That's good for a grocery since I think SM does not have Maybelline counter in their supermarket. The Ever Bilena compact powder is good for a price of 220.00 php each. The packaging is like the one in M.A.C. The powder is good na rin. It blends well in my skin! That's what made me buy this. I bought Soft Beige, and Oriental. I like the Oriental better for me (NC 30). The Maybelline BB cream caught my attention, so I took and I was impressed when I swatched it at home! The substance is very thin but not runny and not oily for my skin. Likkeeeyyy ^^

Ever Bilena: 220php, Lashes by SAY:100 php, Maybelline BB cream:248 php? (not sure)

looks pretty natural for me ^^

Soft Beige, Oriental.

Soft Beige is a light yellowish beige shade, while Oriental is tad darker  than Soft Beige. Both  shades will suit those with NC30

with bb cream.

BB cream (blended)



Eva en Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

I like your blog! Follow each other :-)?

Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! Maybelline has a BB Cream??? And they don't sell it in the US??? They are an American corporation, what's wrong with them? GRRR!

I'm going to go and throw a tantrum now....

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