Monday, August 1, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Soft and Smooth Lipcolor?

One Saturday morning, my mom showed me her Revlon Nail Polish and Lipstick that she got from her patient. I was not surprised when she showed me the nail polish because I am all aware of the product launch from other bloggers. But when I asked her what lipstick did she get, my eyes got bigger because of this.

I tried googling (lols) this but I think it is not that popular. I saw the Revlon website but the shade I got is not indicated in their product line. SO I am not sure, but it says under the label that it is ColorStay LipColor in 205 Blissful Honey. It is an shimmery orange/coral color with gold glits (tiny shimmery glits. :)) ) that can be applied sheer or bold. Ano daw? haha.

Shade: 205 Blissful Honey

Yeah. I know, Oily face. :| just got home.okay?? lols :))

It is pigmented, and looks natural on my lips. I can wear this on a daily basis. ^^
I do not know how much it is, because I am not even sure if this is available locally. I was just amazed, because I am not aware that there is a ColorStay Collection for Lip colors. :D


Czarina said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a really pretty color.
Would love one in a nude or pink tho.(:

Pammy said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous shade! :)

swexie said... Best Blogger Tips

The shade reminds me of Shu Uemura lipgloss in peach, which I really really like. I used to wear it to law school everyday during my 2nd year. Haha!

Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

color suits you well. ang ganda!

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Czarina: yes. :) ako I am still looking for a perfect nude for me. :D

Pammy: Yes it is sis. :) ., Pwedeng pang everyday look noh? ^^

Swexie: wow. haha. that's nice! ^^
I only have one Shur Uemura lipsticks and it is in nude/pinkish shade. Okay sana kaso minsan I look so dull bec of the shade. :(

Belle: Really? yeyy! :) thank u dear! >:D<

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