Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When I turned 18.....

Last March 27,2010, I got my awesome 18th birthday party. It was the best. Most of my relatives in the USA went and visited Philippines to witness my debut. I was so busy in preparing my party. I was the one who chose my gowns, photographers, pre-debut pictorials, the invitations, photobooth, my cotillion de honor, and all those stuffs. BUT! I am still not done after the event. How Come? Well, until now, I have not yet finished doing my album for my debut. And honestly, I was so lazy doing it. Maybe because I was getting bored with it after all the craziness i got during the preparation. Mind you, I started preparing my debut last May 2009, and the event was in March 2010. :))))) .. I got all excited the moment I found out my relatives will be going to my party. :)))

This will be some info's about my preparations during my debut. For all the people there who are in need of advices and tips, let me know! :D and, I hope this will help! :D

I had my birthday at Century Park Hotel. It was great and a plus for me because my aunt a.k.a. family/mom's friend works there and we were being taken cared so much. I just had my gowns made in Tutuban Cluster Building :D .. Yes, Tutuban/Divisoria is like my shopping place. They really look great and the prices are so cheap! :D My 3 gowns that were custom-ed made for me were only 11k or 12k! A very big big gown or called as quinceanera gown, a long gown which was my favorite, and a cocktail gown. PLUS they were AMAZING! :D I just had my invitations made for 3k! It's a booklet type, with 6 pages and map at the back of the booklet. 3k for 120 pieces! Not bad, right? :) Where did I have it done? Of course! RECTO! Where else? :D  I had my friends designed the cover of my page. It was just a title design since I really adored the picture itself (me and the background)..nyahaahaha. :D  Then my photobooth was from . They are amazing! and They are cool like that! swear! :D They offer super cheap price for their service! :D Then for the cotillion de honor, the gown is worth 1k each and we have it custom-ed made as well in Tutuban. I had my choreographer for 4k. My pictorial was included in debut package for photo and video coverage by B.A. Studio for 30k. That's the most expensive I got. But anyway, their venue was so beautiful! For kikay girls out there, this one is great! :D Then all the stuffs like food, decors, flowers were from the Hotel services already. :D

So anyway, I would just like to share some of the pics I have here. Trying to reminisce the moments. ^^

**warning. Heavy pictures! :p SUPER SUPER HEAVY PICTURES!

Pre-Debut Pics

covers for my invitations :)

Debut Pictures

I WILL FINISH THE PICTURES TODAY! STOP PROCRASTINATING this album! I need to submit this. I hope BA Studio will still accept this! :))

Christine :)


Eloisa Co said... Best Blogger Tips

Super Belated sis! ;p

Wow, century park.! love it der. the foods r delicious ;)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought you looked like you were 30 something already.. my bad!

Eloisa Co said... Best Blogger Tips
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eloisa Co said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anonymous: Hmm, she doesn't look that old. I don't think that's nice to say. I believe you should not tell something against other people if you don't have guts to show yourself :) Merry Christmas.

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

Eloisa: yes sis the foods are yummyyy.. :D Thank you sis . :D .. merry christmas. :D take care sis. :)

anonymous: yeap I'm only 18 yrs old which means I am young unlike you. :) Merry Christmas!

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