Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot Seat Reviw: Sguard Rock on Mascara

I bought this product last September I think. I belong to a group of  people who are unfortunate when it comes to their eyelashes. *Sigh.. Eyes are very powerful and very expressive. So for me, I like my eyelashes to be perfectly fine too. Searching for an eyelash grower is easy but buying one is another part. Each eyelash grower costs 2,000-7,000 php! So I just told myself "Nah, nevermind". And because of my love for reading product reviews, I got the chance to bump with this product.

*credits to Sguard on Mascara multiply site for their pictures

It says:

Accdg. to moi:
The Kisses:
  • nice packaging. Pink! :D
  • very very black shade
  • does not clump
  • easy to remove! just use hot water or any make-up remover :)
  • slick container which is best to bring in your bag or travel case. It does not occupy so much space
  • has short and long bristles for our lower and upper lashes!!
  • makes my eyelashes fuller and longer! no kidding! :D Because of it fibers, it makes my eyelashes longer and natural. :) You just have to put it properly and not overdoing it. :) 
  • I have this since September and until now, I think I'm on my halfway. A little goes a long way I guess? :)
The Kicks:
  • Expensive for students like us
  • Maybe because of the fibers, the mascara kinda dries faster than ordinary mascaras and I always pump the mascara wand letting air goes accdg to Ms. Nikki
  • only available thru online shop like
  • result is best seen when 2-3 coats of mascara is applied.
  • when applying another coat in you eyelashes, you have to do it fast since the first one dries easily based on my experience
Comparison on my right and left eye: 2 coats of mascara
left eye-eyelashes with mascara, right eye-no mascara at all
with mascara
without mascara
without mascara

with mascara

This one really does its job in lengthening and making your eyes fuller in a natural way! :) This is the first mascara I saw that has fibers on it so I though that a price worth 850 pesos is cheap, but after seeing the Etude House Henna Mascara review from askmewhats, I better try that one! Or the NYX masacara with fiber. I believe both are much cheaper compared to the Sguard on mascara. If you are interested, you can still buy and try this one! Indeed, this is very effective so I don't regret buying this one after all. I hope this one is helpful to all. :)



 Christine ♥
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