Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot Seat Review: Venus and Mars Smooch Lip Detox

I have tons of lip balms lying around here and this is the least lip balm I've been using since the day I got this. I have Vaseline Lip therapy and Soft Lips lip balm which I both got in states, maybelline lip balm the hot pink casing, human nature lip balm in peppermint, and this one, v and m smooch lip detox.

accdg to venus and mars website:

"Break free from chemicals! Give your lips the authentic, lavish pampering it has always wanted. Venus&Mars lipbalm is the perfect treat. Made out of the finest essential oils, lips will surely be younger-looking in no time. There’s nothing more it could ever ask.

Lip balms have been around for years but unfortunately, Dr. Charles Brown Fleet, the inventor of lip balm in 1889, included petroleum in his formulation. Until today, petroleum is still highly being used in the cosmetic industry.

Petroleum-based lip balms actually DO NOT HELP CHAPPED LIPS. They may actually worsen the condition of the lips. Petroleum-based products simply coat the skin, thus inhibiting its ability to breathe, absorb moisture and release harmful toxins. Petroleum-based lip balms provide a QUICK FIX to treat dry lips, however, have you ever noticed that after a while, the lips actually feel a bit painful, that inexplicable seemingly mild tingly feeling? Petroleum-based products only keep your lips feeling moist and you have to constantly reapply to keep it that way. This may actually cause your lips to feel more irritated and even infected when bacteria get trapped between the lip skin and petroleum coating.

A good lip balm must penetrate the skin and not simply coat the skin with that greasy feel. Petroleum makes our lips slick and look sexy; in reality this is very unnatural. ‘Coz at the end of the day we wouldn’t want to see our lips still bare and dry. Well-moisturized lips like that of a doll’s need balms that contain ingredients that are quickly absorbable. Venus and Mars Smooch lip butter balm will surely deeply penetrate the skin cells to hydrate and moisturize the lips. It contains emu oil, avocado butter, avocado oils, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, jojoba wax, peppermint essential oils, beeswax and vitamin E oil."

accdg to moi:
  • minty feeling which I like like like like!
  • moisturized my lips
  • a little goes a long way!
  • full of organic ingredients which are beneficial
  • paraben free, petroleum free etc

  • pricey again! 170 php for this? nah..
  • it is organic so it has a 1 year expiration once you use it! 
  • it dries my lips after application. it does moisturize but it leaves a flaky lips after which I don't like
  • it has this heavy feeling on my lips every after usage which I didn't like
This one is bad for me. Well in my personal opinion, it gives me a heavy feeling in my lips which I don't like for a lip balm product. I prefer the Human Naure lip balm and soft lips lip balm. They are both cheaper than the v&m  lip balm. But hey! MOST of the people in girltalk, they like this more than human nature lip balm. So it really depends on each one of us.

Christine :)


Pammy said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been reading raves about this at Girltalk too buy really couldn't bring myself to spend Php170 on a lip balm, unless it is a tinted one. Have you tried Mentholatum? It's my current love! :P

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

yes sis I regret buying this one! compulsive buying when I was addicted to organic prods. :D
where can i buy the mentholatum? would like to try that, :D

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