Saturday, December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D and happenings


attended mass in UST before noche buena. best christmas lights and decorations ... not only now but even in the past few years.. :D I have not attended the paskuhan last dec 17 but I will 100% attend the 400 years celebration this January. :D
from paskuhan facebook page

mmmhhh.. first of all. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAPA JESUS. :D I used to write this message in my facebook status .. so better do it again. :)

2nd agenda. I would just like to greet you all... a...

they are so cute. I have to put them here . :) I got these two greetings from my friends in FB. :) .. JUST SHARING THESE TO ALL ALSO. :D

Every Christmas vacation, there is mixed emotions coming from me.. Happy because we always have this family reunion every 25th of december which only happens once a year! So I'm happy that we still do this even though half of my relatives are already in US since I was a kid(before they were only 1 or 2 and now, 6 families are already there. so sad). We are a big big family since my father's side has 9 siblings and my mom has 10 siblings! But I rarely meet my dad's brothers/sisters bec most of them are also living in US. So anyway.. we'll have our reunion later in Bulacan and this is forst time we will have our Christmas celebration in that area. On the other hand, it makes me sad because every christmas vacation, AND sembreak, we don't have the chance to bond and enjoy the vacation because he always goes to his province which means we will be separated for 2-3 weeks which can be somewhat tiring. I understand the situation, I just miss him and I'm the naggy type of person, so that explains a lot okie dokie? :p .. It's almost a week since I last saw him and today was the first time we talked in the phone! hehehe. :p We always text, and text and text. I think it will be better to have some chitchat every now and then instead of texting. mmhhhhh. :)
last picture together before he went in Masbate. :p .. I look fat here and he looks thin. :| .. so opposite in reality, :p .. hehehehhe

I hope you'll enjoy your vacation this christmas. And I hope everyone will be able to get their presents! :D .. By the way, what's your wish lists? Me, I have so many things I want to have, but those are just wish. hahaha.. I don't think it will happen. I guess, we just have to accept these: these things that we want so badly, but we don't have the capacity to have it or make it happen. We must be happy and contented with what he have right now, and who knows, Santa will give you a late Christmas gift in the future. :D .. Next time, it will be our lucky day. :D ..

Good night and once again, Merry Merry Christmas! :D



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