Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hi everyone! :D After this blog, I'll be reviewing my Venus and Mars Organic products. It's a yey  since I am beginning to be more productive than before. :D ... I'll just make as many reviews as I can right now to make it up to all.

Anyway.... OH! WAIT! I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! I GOT THIS NEWS LAST DEC 13. AND I PASSED THE DLSU ENTRANCE EXAM! I WAS NERVOUS ON THAT DAY SINCE I WAS NOT ABLE TO DO SOME INTENSE REVIEW (I only reviewed Math and I was halfway finished!) and I really find the test super hard especially the last part wherein all the subjects are mixed up and it need comprehension, focus, patience and all. So when I got in the morning, around 11am, I called in the admission office and he told me that I was set for interview! It was a relief! I got my interview last Dec. 15 and that was then I was officially accepted by the school of economics office! I was so cracking crazy that day because I was 30 minutes late! I was like, "Are you kidding me? Interview wit the vice-dean and I was late!" .. In the end, it was Dr. Lawrence I think who interviewed me and congratulated me. SO HAPPY! :D .. And oh, I was admitted in my 1st choice which was Applied Economics-BS Accountancy. Having a double course program, I am expecting that this will be super hard. I didn't expect I will pass my 1st choice which was actually my mom's recommendation for me since the one that I really like is Interdisciplinary Business Studies. I told myself before that I will write AE-BSA as my 1st choice since I know that I have a very small chance to pass it. That fact that it is one of DLSU's flagship in the world of Business, they need to be super particular and meticulous in choosing their students. And the fact that I was admitted, this must be fate.. ^^ .. oohh.. I'm getting nervous on the first day of classes! But right now, I need to finish all the papers to be cleared. I need my honorary dismissal, my NSO birth certificate, frat contract blah blah, my grades, and whatnot. I still have a long way to finish which means I will be in late enrollment: jan 3 or 4. boooohhoooooo.


That's so cool right? Me, having a business. I hope it will be a good start for next year! I will get it on Dec. 27 and I am so excited to start my business so that I can earn and save more money! YEY again! :D

OKAY, I'm gonna stop blabbing and tell y'all who's the winner! :D


CONGRATULATIONS ZENG DARIA OF MAKATI! :D please email me your cellphone number here: xtinereyes18@gmail.com :D

Gonna start my products reviews!!

Christine :)


snow0016 said... Best Blogger Tips

congratulations for passing! :) and double-course? i can't imagine myself taking that risk! lol! but I wish you good luck! :)

Zeng Daria said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG I WON?!?!?!?! Thank you thank you~ Will email you my number now. This is one of the nicest Christmas gifts I've ever had. Yay! Happy holidays~ ♥

Toni Tralala said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey there! I'm currently hosting an international giveaway. I see that you're a kikay girl so join in if you're interested.


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