Saturday, November 20, 2010

start of something new! :)

Hi to everybody there who decided to view my blog! **bwahahaa** >:)
I always like to do this kind of thing since I became openly minded in reviews that I see in some blogs and forums like girltalk, shen's addiction, liz uy of project vanity, ms. nikki tiu of askmewhats, ms. phoebe and lauren of, and iambourgeois . Anyway, reading their blogs became my everyday habit since May 2010 and since I am bummed here for 3 months, why not try this too! :)

I'm always the type of person who wants to try new things just like everybody else, who always have pocket undergoing bankruptcy **sighs, always trying some looks at a amateur level etc. Maybe because I'm on the point of wanting to experiment almost everything that makes me wonder and say "wow, that's effective.. let me try that!blah blah blah..." I hope this will not got into waste. And through this, I hope this will help me to be more grammatically good too! >:))

So for this blog site..while I'm waiting for my DLSU entrance exam, expect to have lots of product reviews (mmhh.. not really. i guess. lols) ., the KISS-es and the KICK-s of a certain product (also know as the pros and cons), **thanks to my English professor who gave this idea during our toastmasters ceremony, make-up looks hoping that I'll become a pro in make-ups, some places I buy clothes and accessories like my favorite shopping malls:168, Tutuban, Greenhills, etc. In addition, I would also like to add my curiosity about some stuffs and the like. :)

I'm looking forward to do more posts in the future. So if you want to support me and you want to welcome me in the world of blogging,. Please let me know. :)

PS: say hello to christine. :)

christine ♥


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