Thursday, November 25, 2010

Awesome Haul! :)

Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry if I was not able to do the lip swatches awhile ago for NYX, because I am wide awake until now for 34 hours or 1 day and 10 hours. I only had a 2-hour nap while sitting and lying on the table while my friend was reviewing for her test tomorrow. Anyway, I went at UST to pay for the Good Moral Conduct form, and I'll be able to get them on Tuesday! >.< .. DLSUCET is on next friday! :(( .. Met with my friends and btw , I did a very beautiful FOTD! Too bad I was not able to take a picture because I am super super crazy right now. I want to share my latest haul and my latest addiction(scented candles and Mary Kay foundation)!
Here's what I got, sneak peak! :D Info's will be put tomorrow

Love it! :D

looks like I have my HG foundation! XD
I didn't know medium coverage in Ivory is better for my skin tone!

christine ♥


~tHiAmErE~ said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome haul indeed!

haven't tried any mary kay stuff yet. i guess it is good then?

Nadine Natalin said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome haul :) haven't tried mary kay products HAHAHA!!! :) but they're pretty cheap with good quality

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice haul! I've had the Neutrogena Wave for months already, really worth it. I use it every night and can really feel & see results! :)


gingerSnap said... Best Blogger Tips

My friend is using Marykay and she said it's good. Awesome buys!

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

~tHiAmErE~ --->yes indeed. :D but I think I spent too much especially with the Power Wave cleanser! >< But I guess it will be worth it :D
yess! mary kay products! are good! I have their foundation and hand lotion. good quality for me! :D

Nadine Natalin ---->Thank you sis! :) BTW! I bought PALLADIO RICE POWDER awhile ago! SO NICCEEE!! :D I haven't use many products from mary kay But I THINK I'LL BE LOVING THEM! =p

Mia BUT THE REFILL PADS ARE SO EXPENSIVE! 400 php per box, do u use it everyday? and how many refill pads does a box have once buy some refills?

gingerSnap THANK U SIS! :D perhaps you may want to try it as well. :) .. I'm not yet sure if they're lost lasting though. But I like them. :D .. doesn't feel sticky at all and it gives a nice smooth finish :D

Lysa said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome hauls! I would really like to have neutrogena wave and mary kay products! It don't spend too much kasi .. maybe someday when I get to earn my own money na. haha! :)

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Lysa! Even I don't spend too much on clothes and shoes, bags etc. except on the skin care products. Most of my make-ups, branded stuffs are gifts from my relatives :D .. kuripot kaya ako. :D but I always wear make-up kasi kaya I need to make sure na super super clean face ko. OC ako s dirts s mukha. :p ..
We'll Have a job someday that pays really really good and we'll buy anything we want someday! :D

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