Sunday, November 21, 2010

Staples To Be Reviewed: Organic Products!

It was I who started to use Organic Products in our family. And yeah, thanks to online forums and blogs out there which broaden my mind about these babies such as the benefits I can get, and why commercialized products containing parabens, carcinogenic, pathogenic chemicals etc. I'm not saying that all commercialized products do contain those harsh chemicals, but I think most of them have. However, when it comes to my face, I love using Ponds Facial Wash with Activated Carbon. LOVE LOVE LOVE! :D I don't know,  everytime I use organic products to my face alone, I feel like I don't have enough protection against dirt maybe because commercialized products which contain some chemicals are only the key to fight the dirtiest thing in the world ?(HAHA..blabbing). I really don't know but that's how I feel. So anyway, I'll just stop praising Ponds and let me first show you the things I'm planning to review in the coming days. **beautiful eyes. :)

Most of my products which I forgot to say awhile ago are from Venus and Mars,  Human Nature, All Organics, Leyende, Skin Hour, Ilog Maria (for my sister), and By Nature Soaps. :) The links for the website will be put at the most bottom part of this post. :)

These are not yet complete. Most of them are just organic products. So yeah, I'm an addict like that :p
NOTE: Beware: heavy pictures coming your way! :p
**Click the picture to view it at a larger size

vnm, hhn, skinhour and leyende products

more organic products! yay!

So from left to right::: Venus and Mars Tinted Facial Moisturizer, All Organics Hydra Mist, HUMAN NATURE hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap, VNM happy pores toner in cucumber and witch hazel, Human Nature moisturizing conditioner in avocado and mandarin, VNM emu oil (small white bottle), Leyende Clean Slate, Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask in Avocado and Gugo i think (the one in front), VNM CPC+G (black cap and black labeled bottle), Leyende out of sight (square type container), Skin Hour Revital eyes (smallest circular container), Human Nature body scrub (biggest container at the front), VNM bare it all emu cream, VNM cleopatra rub in very berry (the 2 white circled containers wth the yellow gold label). AT BACK PART: Human Nature make-up remover and HN massage oil, VNM milk salt, HN facial wash and HN moisturizing shampoo ** whew. putting all labels in 1 caption, I should never do this again. :))
Staples from my sister: Human Nature and Ilog Maria Products

soaps from Ilog Maria

my favorite body soaps! :D FROM L-R: By Nature Handmade Soaps in Citrus White, Icy Choco (at the back), Strawberry milkshake, dair bar(front), and Choco Latte. I bough this from Ms. Phoebe all in full bars. What I did was to sliced it in half and wrap it again and put it in a paper bag. :D

My Sister started decorating our house. I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas! ^^ 

Our Mama Mary statue. We had this since I was a baby! :) And we always let our Mama Mary to join procession during Holy Week :)

Are you also addicted to organic products? What other brands would you recommend me? Let me know! :)
Advanced Merry Christmas to Everyone! :D




✿Mitchelli✿ said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm an organic fanatic as well! ;)

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

mitchelli: Hi there!! :) what products do you use? I might as well get them! :D

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