Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FOTD: Everyday Look #1

Today's event was an epic fail. I and B were able to process our good moral letter for our transferee application. I still need to come back though later in the afternoon so I need to wake up very early to get my form. On the other hand, B was able to get his on the same day! Good Job AB Faculty. :D

On our way to Greenhills Shopping Center, this is what I got:
Stranded for 3 hours! I think more than 3 hours. lols

Anyway, this is somewhat my everyday look, I don't know if this has a natural finished look. But sometimes this is what I wear and sometimes I alternate it by using diff eyeliner and diff. lipstick or I add a little eyeshadow on my eyes. With my everyday look, I DON'T USE EYELINER ON MY upper lash line/eye lid. I'm bad at it and it always takes time on my part! :| ., But I prefer lining my lower lash line with an eyeliner + eye shadow to make it last longer. I like my lower lash line to have some color since I have little eye lashes, and they look babies bec. of how little and how few they are. :)) . I didn't put an eyeshadow also since, ............. I woke up around 2pm! I'm already late. :| I thought I will be able to wake up around 10 am but it was a failure. (On the contrary, I slept around 7am! So it's forgivable ... :p ) I have 5 pictures of myself.! sorry, I can't choose 1, I just  like them. :p
PLEASE VIEW THE PICTURES AT A LARGER SIZE. The colors are shown better when it is viewed larger.

moi. n_n

^^, .. Having a hard time to have a perfect shot where the colors are showed perfectly.

Oily Face!! :| i guess this is the best shot I have to show the colors of the make-up except with the eyebrow. =p

When Lip gloss is added:
Like It!

Products I used:
Click the picture for larger view

FOR THE FACE (products with PINK STAR ON IT)
  • Moisturizer: Venus and Mars: Keep Safe Tinted Facial Sunblock SPF 35 =my HG! :)
  • Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream with SPF 30
  • I slightly dust a bareMinerals foundation in Medium Beige with SPF 15 from Bare Escentuals 
  • Using a Bare Escentuals kabuki brush, I add christina cosmetics perfect pigment2 (which is also great! thanks to my cousin). It has 4 pigments inside which can be used as foundation, bronzer, highlight, eyeshadow, or blush powder
  • Concealer: Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation in "Ivory".  (What? O.o All this time, I thought this is a concealer, this is what the saleslady gave me when I asked for a concealer. Anyway, it says here that it can conceal dark circles as well. BUT. I don't care if it's a concealer or foundation. IT WORKS!!!!!!(KEEP IN MIND I ALWAYS SLEEP AROUND 5 am or 6 or 7 am!)
  • Highlight used above my cheeks: Victoria's Secret Silk Wear Luminous Powder Eye Colour. I don't know if it's an eyeshadow or whatnot, but you can use any powder as an highlight as long as it works. Right? :)
FOR MY CHEEKS (with green star on it)
  • Blush Powder: Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in "Smoldering Plum"
EYES AND EYEBROW (with yellow star)
  • Nichido Extra Waterproof, Protective Eye Pencil= my HG also! :D Perfect Brown for me. :) Too bad it is not shown here in my pictures how natural and how great it is on my eyebrow. The flash of my camera is just killing me. I just use this in light strokes. *QUESTION: IS IT BETTER TO USE EYE PENCIL AS IF YOU ARE DRAWING OR LINING YOUR EYEBROW VERY HARD OR YOU JUST LINE IT LIGHTLY? I sometimes see other people with very bold and dark eyebrow because they tend to just draw it. I can't explain it, but you get the drift? Let me know!
  • I brushed it with Estee Lauder Two-In-One Eyeshadow Duo. It doesn't show the color names here. I don't want a heavy eyebrow color so I dust it with this eyeshadow, the darker one. After doing so, it makes my eyebrow looks so natural. :) **ANY matte brown eyeshadow would do.
  • AVON Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Black - smudge a lot. but has a nice color.
  • On top of my eye liner, I cover it with Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow in "Cleo" ==It's A LOUD BLACK. LIKE IT because it's effective and cheap! I think I got this for only 100 pesos? I can't remember. I bought it last August, and I use it everytime I go out! I also use it as an eyeshadow and I still have a lot of it. It doesn't seem like I'm using it. That's how plenty it is.
  • Lashes: Estee Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara in Black. I'm not fortunate when it comes with eyelashes. They are so short. :| *sigh...

LIPS (violet star on it)
  • Lip Balm: Human Nature Lip Balm in Peppermint. Love and like it better than the VNM lip balm. I lost the cap last 2 months ago, and I don't want to buy a new one for the sake of having a new cap. So, I got an extra bottle of alcohol spray and tried to use that cap, and voila! I saved my lip balm! :D
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Heredes. My favorite color among the shades I have! I will swatch my 10 Nyx Lipsticks later. :) This is my favorite brand as well. :D Nyx RLS and Nyx Lips for only 160 php each! So affordable!
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in "Slice of Heaven" =Love the smell and the taste! I just don't like the sticky feeling.
BTW, I'M WEARING GEO CONTACT LENS "ANGEL SERIES IN GREY" DON'T THEY LOOK AMAZING? :D I HAVE 4 PAIRS OF CONTACT LENS BECAUSE I'M ACTUALLY SELLING THEM AT MY ONLINE SHOP! For 650 php, you'll get 1pair of lens + lens case + grade installation if needed + 35 ml solution + manual + free shipping! THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER BY THE WAY. ORDERS AND PAYMENTS ARE UNTIL NOV. 26, 2010 AND YOU'LL GET THEM ON DEC. 14! JUST CLICK ON THE ICON AT THE SIDE BAR. :D So sorry for having a long info about this! >:)))) .. I promise this will be the last time. I'll just have these lenses on a separate posts. :D

**I forgot to insert at the bottom my last 2 pictures, will add it later. :)
**Is it okay to contour nose on an everyday basis? I want to try it, but I think I'm overdoing the look already. As you can see, I have a flat nose. :)) Help me ppplleeaaseee. :p
**Show me your everyday look! Leave a link on the comments section. :)



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