Monday, November 29, 2010

moi fresh from Subic!

Hi Guys! :D
I had a very very great vacation. :) I and my family had some fun and adventure in Subic which is why I wasn't able to give you some updates. Anyway, I will not be able to give some reviews also since I will finish my application for the DLSUCET tomorrow and I want to review also for the test which is also coming this Friday. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I NEED TO PASS THIS TEST! *cross fingers** .. I want a business related course, I'm thinking of Interdisciplinary business studies minor in accountancy or business management, what do you is the best business course in lasalle that gives high salary **HAHAHAHHAH,kidding lol. but srsly, what do you think is the best course? I'm having a hard time choosing one. Please leave some comments if you have any info's to spill :D .. meanwhile here's some shots I got from my vacation last Sunday-Monday. :)


Christine ♥


gingerSnap said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice, you look very happy. Goodluck! Kisses

readytobeextraordinary said... Best Blogger Tips

it must be fun there, you look great! :))


First Impression by AiR said... Best Blogger Tips

nice blog! and good luck on your test! :)

check out my blog and follow too!

Christine Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

First Impression by AiR --Hi! thank you so much! :) .. already followed you! ;D like your blog! :D

readytobeextraordinary --Hi mickey! yes!! I had so much fun! Thanks to my family and their boyfriends for a great bonding! :D You should do it too! :) away from the polluted city! :D

gingerSnap --Indeed I am! :D Hope I pass the test! *hugs and kisses >:D<

will definitely catch on your articles after my exam! :D

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