Saturday, June 25, 2011


hearts all over in spite of being stranded at my bf's cousin's condo. hahaha. whut?
just lol-ing around. :)
But I was stranded awhile ago. I was in MOA waiting for B to finish his hockey training. Being the supportive gf, I always go there since DLSU is minutes away from MOA. :) ., Bringin a bottle of gatorade all the time. TIPID REMINDER: If you want to buy a 1L of gatorade, instead of buying one in supermarket which costs 60-70 php, go to 7/11 and bring you empty 1 liter bottle and use that instead of their 32oz GULP DRINKS. :D THEY SERVE BLUE BOLT GATORADE! :D!!! It only costs 32.00 PHP!!! 1 liter for 32 pesos. NOT BAD! HAHA. They will gladly allow you because you are also helping them by not using their cup as I was told by the lady that their cups are expensive. Just ask them. Try it. :D 

anyway. I am here just to update you and let myself be inspired with writings! HAHA. I want to do an everyday post, but I really find it so stressful because of too much details. Yes, I am that lazy, and it kinda makes me sad. =p ., But I will still try my best. Hihi. 

My skin is getting weird nowadays. The Clinique 3 step system just stopped working on me and I don't know why! :( ., I have another set of these, and I am planning to sell it) , It has been a month and a half, and I was frustrated, not knowing what to do. When 1 product works on me, it's either my right cheek will clear up and my left cheek will be the one to form bumps, and vice versa. Has anyone of you experienced that?

Source: Google

source: Google

 My default soap is Cetaphil bar after trying a product which did not work for me in the end. This product is not that good, but it kinda calms the condition. So for me, that's sort of a plus for me. But after a few days, Wednesday to be exact. When I started to use Cyleina Black Pearl Soap by accident (I just grabbed it at the dep't store with a little hope that it will make a difference), and I SWEAR TO GOD, it cleared up my skin!) ., My right and left cheeks are now working together! SOOO HAPPPYYY!! :) I am also using it for my body to whiten my skin as my skin tends to recover very slowly everytime I get tanned/sunburned from diff activities. My skin looks like  snow white's skin (NC20 or whiter than that) when I was a kid and now, uhhhh nevermind . =p I am NC30 now. 


BB CREAMMSSS!! SORRY, OLD SCHOOL! >:)) Late bloomer.

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I was not fascinated with BB creams before (Oct 2010) because I didn't like the Purederm BB cream, so I thought everything else will work just like that. But, after accidentally reading, and watching it this month, I got hooked! For 1 whole week, all I did was to look for the right product for me! :)) ., SO right now, I am using the BRTC 5sample sachets from and I am loving the Perfect Recover BB cream among the rest of the samples. Although I find it not that great in oil-control. I like it because of the coverage it gives and how even my skin is after using this. It also kinda matches my skin color! Hurraayyyyy! (I have read that this is too light for most NC30). My cousin also gave me a Collagen BB Cream By WATSONS in China. Yes! Watsons has one, but in China. I am not sure it it is good because it's a little mismatch with my skin color cause of the graying tone it has. Might as well try it again or else, will be put in blogsale. 

I am now trying to buy more BB creams. Right now, I am planning to buy a full bottle of Skin Food Aloe Vera BB cream, BRTC perfect recover BB cream, Etude House (not yet sure which one), and I am also choosing between skin79 or Missha.

Tomorrow, I am going to review my Clarisonic Pro Brush.! :D Stay tune :)

LASTLY, Because of the huge sale in THE BODY SHOP 2 weeks ago, I bought :)


I do not like the lip tint! X( ., I am really not a fan of lip tints!! I prefer NYX lipsticks than this! I will sell this one. The Tea tree oil, I actually got this awhile ago since I heard that this is really THAT GOOD. I was convinced and bought 2pcs because of the sale. =p ., I still have 1 huge zit on my lower left jawline because of the make-up I used last Saturday. It was too big for Cyleina soap to clear right away. Although the soap did well (slowly doing its job), I want to try this tea tree oil just in case few bumps will be formed in the future. I hope this works! Has anyone tried their Tea tree line? I want to try their facial foam/wash and their moisturizer!! I have read that it is good in keeping the oil at bay. Let me know :)


Lina Kim ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't try tbs lip tint yet. I prefer liptint than ordinary lipstick though >.<

I've tried and reviewed TBS tea tree concealer on my blog and I should say I LIKE it, I don't have to put on BB cream when I have a zit on my face. =)

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lina Kim: I prefer putting a thin layer of lipstick than lip tint. Lip tint makes my lips very uneven., :|

Is is good? :)
I like to put bb cream just bec it is like a skincare also and it makes my skin in natural even tone :)


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