Monday, June 27, 2011

D.I.Y.: Cleansing Oil/Olive Oil Make-up remover!

Hi Guys! This day has been a tiring/busy day for me at school. We always have recitations/quizzes plus our research project for the company. I slept 3am last night, thus making me a sleepy head during break and when I took an FX after classes. But, I am REALLY REALLY EXCITED WITH THIS. Even though I only have less than 50 followers, I do hope that other people will be able to see this DIY cleansing oil because it is really easy as 1-2-3! :D

Cleansing oils in the market are very expensive and I could not let myself to spend again and again just because I was fascinated with it. Well, I was curious of the DHC cleansing oil as well as the infamous Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I also saw last May the new cleansing oil of The Face Shop. They look like the Shue Uemura ones because of the bottle, but with a pocket friendly price. I saw the Human Nature CLEANSING OIL. I like their sunflower oil, so I thought maybe this will be good. Apparently, I had problems with it. Because it is oil, the human nature cleansing oil does not emulsify and I am not used to that because of my Philosophy one step cleanser. It will not erase your make-up if you wet your face. I felt weird when I put the Plain cleansing oil in my face covered with powder,bb cream, and eyeliner. IT ALSO LEFT A FILM STREAK of oil in my face. And that alone (last reason) made me not to use it.

After thinking that the only reason why I do not like it was because it does not emulsify and it was hard for me to wash my face afterwards. Having that 'panghihinayang moment', I decided to put in one container a mixture of Human Nature cleansing oil and the Philosophy cleanser  and shook them to combine altogether. I didn't realize that because of these 2 mixtures, it formed a whitish thick mixture like a whip cream (slightly less foamy) and after putting some water on my palm to try it, IT WENT PERFECTLY GREAT!!

 I AM LOVING IT!  After doing this action, I hurriedly tried the OLIVE OIL WE HAVE IN THE KITCHEN AND I TOOK A DIFF FACIAL WASH like the one we use on a normal basis. And this time, a clear facial wash, and it has the same result! A WHITISH SLIGHTLY THICK CREAM, and it really emulsify well at the same time ACTS LIKE A CLEANSING OIL. :D

Here are the proofs for the DIY olive oil make-up cleanser! :)

swatches for BRTC bb cream, MAC lipstick, black eyeliner, clinique mascara, Shu Uemura Lipstick

the eyeliner and the shu uemura lip stain were removed from washing with a plain water; bb cream and MAC  red lipstick  remained just like a tough leech! lol

see how the oil melts the make-up which was waterproof awhile ago. :p .,  and because of the  facial wash added, it emulsified and can easily be washed


another trial! another MAC lipstick

see how red may lips are? :)

I decided to emulsify it first

red stain!

red stain!!

clean lips!!! :D (bare wth my eeky lips. FYI I DO NOT AND WILL NEVER SMOKE =p )

ARE YOU CONVINCED ALREADY? =p TRY IT. IT DOES NOT COST THAT MUCH! Just get your olive oil in the kitchen and yourfacial wash! :)

I used just a simple facial wash. This is a sample I got with my Clarisonic brush. I did not like it so I used it as my sample for this procedure.

TAKE NOTE: FACIAL WASH SHOULD BE IN THIN LIQUID FORM or a liquid gel type (like human nature, philosophy 1 step cleanser, celeteque, clean and clear, CLinique) AND NOT THOSE WITH THICK CONSISTENCY (Pond's, neutrogena, Olay). I hope you know what I am trying to say =p .. The reason for this because the oil will not react on those thick cleaner. WELL I THINK. I AM NOT SURE WTH THAT but that's what happened when I tried using a thick cleanser. It did not mix. I think they are not soluble unless you use a liquid/gel like consistency.

I tried to put a 1:1 ratio for the olive oil and facial wash. I only tried a little amount to see if they will be soluble to one another.


this one turned into a whitish-yellow liquid. For me, it means that I need more facial wash to  my  cleansing oil.. Once they both mixed well. You can add more olive oil depending on how thin/thick you want for your cleansing oil .
REMINDER= YOUR CLEANSING OIL will depend on what type your facial wash is, if your facial wash is suitable for oily skin, your skin will slightly feel dry in spite of the olive oil added (that's what I felt with my hands). If your facial wash is suitable for sensitive skin or has moisturizing effect, that will reflect after washing your face. 
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END RESULT: see how thick it  looks in the bottle? It's like a mayonnaise!


 HUMAN NATURE CLEANSING OIL + philosophy PURITY ratio is 3:1

it lathers very well bec of the oil and hint od

OLIVE OIL and plain facial wash (liquid gel type)

did well in removing my make-up! :D


Let me know if it works for you, will yah? :)


Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've already tried using olive oil as a makeup remover but I never thought of mixing my facial wash with it..hehe

Mar said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Christine, this is such a great DIY, I will try it this week! This is great since Cleansing Oils are quite expensive. I'll let you know how it turns out! Btw, I just chanced upon your blog, really great to have dropped by! - Mar

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Hollie: I also tried using a plain olive oil before but, I hated the oily feeling it leaves in my face. I already have an oily face, and that feeling alone makes me want to wash my face 100times! lols. :p I hope you can try this too. :)

Mar: Hi Mar! :) Yes I can also say that this is a great DIY for those who want to lessen their expenses in skin care like me. :) ., I hope you can try this. You can adjust the ratio for the two, as it all depends on the user. :) Ms. Nikki of askmewhats said that she is also using this for her brushes. :)

Goodluck on your trial. :D

I followed your blog, I hope you can follow mine. :)

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