Sunday, June 26, 2011


This was supposed to be a review of my Clarisonic Pro. As soon as my motivation to do the review fired up, that was the time pur desktop computer crashed! All the pics were saved since I forgot to put it in my laptop. Sighs.. I'll try to recover the pics this coming week , so I could do my humble-review about it. :) For the mean time let me share my make-up collection and how I organized them in the middle of a calming sunny/cloudy day Last Saturday SINCE I was gonna do it anyway.

 LET ME EMPHASIZE THAT I do not buy make-ups. YES. I do not Or probably, a little. I think I only bought around 10 makeup products (2 eyeshadow palettes, 1 urban decay primer, concealer, powder, 2 bb creams, and black eyeshadow, lip tint) and the NYX lipsticks + CHARM BRUSHES. Other than that, NADAAAH =p ., seeing how I adore make-up and how much fun I get with it, how come I don't buy make-ups often? One reason because I am the only who is really into make-ups. My sisters and my mom do not use make-up at all (just a powder, methinks) on a daily basis. I am the only one who uses eyeshadow(sometimes), eye liner, powder, lippy everyday. So I don't really use a LOT. 2nd reason, I don't have money to spend on make-ups. I have other priorities too, being a practical student. I'd rather spend my money on my loveones,clothes, and skincare. I actually want to buy more make-ups!, but I cannot afford myself to spend all the time. and LASTLY, just because my aunt who lives in USA used to send make-ups all the time! Especially on my 18th birthday last year, 3 of my aunts gave a huge amount of make-ups! Estee L., Clinique, Victoria Secret make-ups. It was so overwhelming. They also gave some to my sisters, and I took it to compile them all. =p ., It was so nice of them, right?

Because of the rain, our roof was freaking leaking! (wow that rhymes!) It was specifically in my room. On top of my vanity desk. Greattttt. So my things were moved in my bed. and I am really a messy girl when it comes to my things, I really need to organize them again.

so messsyy :(

I do not have a permanent container yet.  But I consider the big toolbox I got when I was 4th year as 1. It was good enough to carry my lip products and mascaras, as well as my foundations, powders, bronzer, primer, make-up removers, bb creams and kabuki brushes. Another container is used for my eyeshadow palettes and blushes. And another one for brushes. :) I actually have 3 containers for the brushes, one for the small brushes, one for the big brushes, and one for the used-and-need-to-be-washed brushes. :D

I will make some lip swatches on my lipsticks nex time. :)  As well as liners, and eyeshadow palettes. :)


my vanity desk! :) make-ups, perfumes, skin care etc

nail polishes. :) - chocolate tin can container 

Blushes and Eye shadow palettes- a Dolce & G., cover box as my container

Cover Girl, NYX, Nichido, Estee L., Clinique, Avon, Lancome, FF., Penshoppe, Victoria Secret

tool box or safety aid box

cotton buds/balls container

That's how I store mine. These containers, I just got them in our house, I didn't buy a single container. Just be creative! :)


ANOTHER POST TO BE MADE TOMORROW! ., DIY-CLEANSING OIL! Yes, I was able to make a cleansing oil that is great for removing make-up!!! >:)

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