Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot Seat Review: EOS Lip Balm Trio

Seeing some posts about this babies last November made me want to have it! Some say this is ridiculous because they are just the same with the other lip balm, except with the packaging. And we all know that girls are really kikay at heart, and they easily get so giddy and happy when they see cute packaging + extraordinary products. I really find it cute so I decided to buy the trio set for me and my boyfriend (he's really really vain. :p ). I've been using these since January, and everytime I get this in my bag and use it, it always gets attention from my friends and classmates. What an eye-catcher! Are they really worth it for its price?

Their Claim:

Accdg to moi
  • It's ORGANIC!!! All natural and NO PARABENS
  • Nice scent
  • I have a feeling that it has a huge amount inside! This will last for a very very long time.
  • Very lightweight
  • Glides on my lips smoothly
  • It moisturizes!

  • Expensive. Buying this is NOT a MUST. If you're practical, there are a lot of lip balm that is organic and has the same effectiveness. What makes it so popular is just the packaging and its being organic. Don't get me wrong, I love these babies, but I am really after the packaging more than the product inside.  It moisturizes just like any other lip balm.
  • My lips tend to be dry after a few hours. I need to reapply to make my lips soft and moisturized. Again, JUST like any other lip balm, we really need to reapply this because of constant eating and drinking.
  • BULKY. Although I like this lip balm for its design, YOU CANNOT PLACE THIS INSIDE YOUR POCKET! I wanted to give this lip balm to B because he always has tons of lip balm and we always brings lip balm wherever we go. I realized, he usually doesn't carry bag or a pouch, and it would be distracting to see a protuberant unknown thing inside his pants because of this product. Someone might misinterpret why there is something protruding under his pants. :p

Overall, I really like this and all the flavors I got. The Honeysuckle (yellow green packaging, the one on the left) smells like honeydew or sweet melon+cucumber. It has a very very light and refreshing smell. I like this scent, but my B really wants this flavor, so I gave it to him (he uses this every night before he goes to sleep, or whenever he brings a bag/pouch ;) ). The Summer fruit flavor is the least favorite of mine, as well as B. I find the scent too heavy for me. But I like the color! :) .. Last one is Sweet Mint which is my favorite! .. I like the minty tingling on my lips. IT ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE JUICY FRUIT(green version)! It always reminds me of that gum. Lol. :p

Where to buy? Ebay, multiply shops like Digitaltraincase, and Carefreeshopper. Price for this set costs around 900-1000 php.



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