Friday, May 6, 2011

Clinique Presents: The Doctor Is In! = Trinoma

From 2pm until 2am (I just got home), I was outside doing some fun stuffs! :D .. haha., I am saying this as my valid excuse for not posting my 2nd blog regarding my cagayan vacation awhile ago. tteeeehhhee! :p .. Anyway, I am much happier as I will be (I think?,.) busy tomorrow, doing some stuffs. AGAIN. :)) .. But most of all, because I will be visiting the Clinique Consultation in Trinoma tomorrow! This will be a great great chance for those residing near Trinoma, who are very curious and eager to try their products as there will be skin consultation to let them know the answers to their concerns, and who knows, you might be able to get a free sample to test its effectiveness! I had the chance to try their Clinique products because of Ms. Liz's Clinique Party2 (my blog entry for this is still in my drafts! lols.) and I also bought a mini travel kit that time to test it further! It has been like 3 weeks, and I am loving the result! .. My left cheek is better than before while my right cheek is starting to clear up. You may think that a span of 3 weeks is too long to see the result,  but there can be some factors why it occurred to me. I have been in Cagayan de Oro for 1 week and I am always under the sun, every single day, especially with the 3hours of rafting . This means that I always  lather huge amount of sunblock to protect my face, plus too much perspiration and the sticky-eecky feeling; these hindered me from using Clinique products religiously. But, I am still happy with the result! Hope you could try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose anyway! . For more info, just check the poster below. :D



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