Monday, April 18, 2011

inspired by Michelle Phan's video

I super like her latest video which was the prom look with Lancome's new palettes. I like them both but, I will not buy because I already have tons of make up here, and I believe I can find some dupes for their looks :)

Nothing much to do awhile ago, I decided to play with my make-ups (THEY ARE ALL CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!! yeyyy! ) and this cheapo makeup, Nichido has this same color, pwede na din! as I say to myself. . I was thinking of the emthyst palette since I have this Victoria Secret palette dupe for it, but everytime I try doing a purple look, I always end up hating it! .. why oh why.. :( .. I didn't bother using estee lauder palette for most of it are somewhat warm colors, and I am still having a hard time using the NYX nude on nude palette. So. ALL this eyeshadows are from the Nichido line only. :)

I deleted by blog, but then again, I decided to put it back.
Let me know what you think about it .... olryt? I am trying to do more writings/posts in the future. I just need motivationssss. ;p ...


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