Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I need your opinion!

I am starting to do some blogging again. Yes, this is hard, and I am not good at it. But, hey, I'm trying... that's a good start. :)
So I am actually redesigning my site, from blogger.com's templates.(yes i suck at it too)
I am not sure if it's working because sometimes I don't see the whole outcome of the layout because of whatever reasons ..so I would just like to ask if it is working in your computer since you are the readers and you are supposed to see the whole packge of it, each and every site you view. :p

It is supposed to be like this picture below (just click the picture below to zoom in):

Watcha think? .. is it.. too blahhh? too much? or just right? your comments are highly appreciated. :)


Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

the header font is not showing the same as the one you have on photo.

Also, you should change your background or your font color, It's really hard to see the words.

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

got it sis! Thank You so much. will fix this tmorrow. :)

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