Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I've been up lately...

It's almost a month since I revisited my blog., everyday, I open my laptop, and read other people's blogposts, and I really enjoy doing it. There are some days wherein I skipped doing this habit because of depression(I easily get depressed. huhuhu), sadness, busy days in school and being with B (what can I say, I am clingy. teehee).

So just an update, here's what I have been doing in the past few days. Not all are written, but these are pics that I got. I'm too lazy to take pictures. (ano daw? haha)

I bought 5coupons from . I bought their Californiaberry deal and I am glad I did! SOOOPEERR HEAVEN! For 65pesos, I managed to eat a medium size yogurt and 3 toppings from them. That's a steal! I think it retails at 120 or 130 pesos, and I hope I should have bought more than 5! I have tried many brands with regards to yogurt craze. Golden Spoon, FYI, Californiaberry, Froyo, Red Mango, Frutti Froyo or Tutti Frutti (I think they are the same?), and some local yogurt in supermarket. And I can say this Californiaberry is a contender for my favorite yogurt store which is Tutti Frutti. ^^


The milk tea I tried was from my sister. She bought milk tea beverages in 7/11. I do not know the brand but I hated it at first bec it is too bitter for me. until I tried diff brands. And I fell in this bandwagon. I ultimately, crazy, head over heels in love with milk teas. I can drink milk tea all day everyday . whether as my meal or snack or something to replenish my thirst.

ohhh. LOVEEEE <33

Last month was my friend's 18th birthday. She didn't have a grand celebration, but she will have a car and she also received cold cash. How I wish that was me. :D Had lunch at Yakimix. It was an utter bliss. Super busog!
moi. ^^

Then ofcourse., during my term break= korean series mania. I finished watching City Hunter and Heartstrings.
I have watched a lot of korean series. I don't know what other korean series are worth watching now. PLEASE SUGGEST SOME! :>

I did some hauling also! Will post it probably by tomorrow. ^^

Been with B lately, because of my term break, I managed to spend my time without any worries. :)
This coming September 18 will be our 3rd anniversary. I am really excitteedddddd. :) :>
Hockey time while watching korean series. :D

setting up his gear. about to practice. ^^

sorry bangag. :p

Don't you find this odd/ironic? I only realized it now while toggling the pictures. These 2 couples (park shin hye and his guy + the 2 people in front me,.) are too sweet. haha. looks the same eh?
That's it. ^^
Enjoying so much? ^^ I hope you do! :D

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Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Serenitea too! Love their wintermelon milk tea :)

The brand sold at 7-11 is Mineshine. Used to buy it also :) Blue yung bottle I think!

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