Monday, September 5, 2011

Adding Reply Button to Your Blogger Site. + new url

Hello! How was your day? :D
me, everyday gala galore.! ^^ (as always,.. haha)
Enjoyed the wth B at Moa, had Chatime Milk Tea and ate at Subway. ^^
 AND I WAS ABLE TO FIX MY DILEMMA WITH adding a reply button to my blog!
THANK YOU TO Miss Nikki of Askmewhats! I asked her how she installed her reply button in her comments section and she told me to searched in the goggle how to add reply button to you blogger site. I have not thought of that! I tried searching this in the gadgets window (when you clicked the add gadgets) and there is no result for it. Good thing I asked miss Nikki! Yey!

For those who wants to have this too, here is the link below. This one is so easy to follow!
Thanks to whoever posted this! You are the best!

BTW. I also changed my URL . Yes, this is the same blogsite I used to blog before. I just changed the url. I still do not know what is the best URL for me. was made by me just because it somewhat connects with my previous online shop which I don't use anymore. I am not sure if my present URL best suits me. I really do not know. But, I like it better. ^^

Can anyone suggest a better URL title for me?

UPDATE: NEED TO GO BACK TO MY OLD URL/BLOGSPOT ADDRESS Bec of the Linkwithin program errors., BV BV


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