Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hot Seat Review: Neutrogena Wave Cleanser

I promised before to give a review of this product, so I better start now. :D ... uhhhhh. in a few minutes.. haha. :)

So today is my first day of classes here in De Lasalle University. :) I was able to make my own schedule to think that I was ssoopper sooper late .. :))

my sched every mon and wed is 8am to 9:30 and the following class starts at 2:40 pm. Then every tuesday and thursday, 8-:9:30 followed by 1pm class until 4:10. :D yeahp that's how I did my schedule. why? First of all, to have ample amount of time for the next subject in (which turns out to be busmath and actbas which I have heard are not that easy) case I have a test since I am just a transferee, I still need to do some adjustments. 2nd reason is that, I can also go straight to B's house to have some chitchat with them and have some bonding time outside. :D 3 hrs and 30 minutes to 5 hours of waiting is not a joke! haha..

Anyway,... lo and behold.. the Neutrogena Wave Cleanser, is it a Yey or a Nay?

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When I saw this, I was thinking of buying one because I'm getting OC when it comes to my face. Knowing that it costs 575 php (not sure), I need to try it. I bought tit without knowing that the pads are actually the cleansers!! I just thought they were pads and I had to put some face wash on it.  One bad thing about this one, is the price of the pads. If you would like to continue using the device, you have to get more pads which costs 400php. I think it consists of 30 pads every box. For me, that's a NO NO. I would like to use a cleanser of my own choice. I was thinking of using cotton pads which can be bought in watsons or groceries, and putting my cleanser on it. But the cotton pad was too thin that I can feel the scratchy thing of the wave cleanser (where you attach the pad) but it's tolerable.

The product is water-resistant and it is 2AAs battery operated. Attaching a pad is a breeze. Wash your face with water, damp the pad with water, and voila, instant face massage while cleaning your face! When I started using the product, I was glad I bought it even though the only thing it does is to vibrate. It is still better than using your bare fingers/hands in washing as it prevents tugging and pulling of my skin which means lesser wrinkles in the future. And it gave a good finish and super clean slash neat face! But, it was too early for me to say it when I noticed my skin is getting flaky or dry (cheeks area). Maybe because of the cleanser from the pads? I had no idea what type of Neutrogena face wash they put in their product. I was worried of what will happen after using it again. Will this do better or worse? In the end, I stopped using it because I lost my refill pads, and I was thinking that maybe the cleanser it came with the tool is too harsh. I have oily skin on my forehead and chin and a little on my cheeks, but my cheeks are still too delicate. I hope, Clarisonic will be the solution to this problem.

For those who have super super oily skin, USING THIS POWER WAVE CLEANSER IS A MUST! You have to try it! :) .. For those who have the same situation like me, I suggest using them on your forehead, and chin (or those areas that produce so much oil) and try to avoid using them on your cheeks or any areas where there is less production of oil. This may be too harsh on your skin and irritation  may occur. You can also ask your dermatologist some opinion and advice regarding this one and if this will be fine with your skin. :)


Christine ♥


~tHiAmErE~ said... Best Blogger Tips

i have already tried this & though it's a great gimmick to have a vibrating cleanser but i think the end result is the same with other facial exfoliator,right?

the only difference is that the vibrating motion feels relaxing

melandria said... Best Blogger Tips

hi, my first time here, followed you via google. hope you can visit my site too.


Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

I think this is just too impractical and expensive. I think I'll get the same result with any other regular facial wash / cleanser without the need for a vibrating tool.

Thanks for the review.

The Beauty-Addict said... Best Blogger Tips

nice blog! will try this one also! :)

Newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too!


ja said... Best Blogger Tips

eeek I tried this when it first came out. I chucked it out as soon as the pads were out. It does not clean at all. A wash cloth or muslin can do better.

I use the Clarisonic now though. & my skin's happy with it. =D

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