Friday, November 25, 2011

Clarisonic Pro System

Last year, around April or May, I saw this cute brush tool that can be used for your skin care regimen. The moment I saw this, I got hooked and kept on watching videos from Tiffany, Michelle Phan, Elle and Blair Fowler, glamorrazi, and so on. I fell in love. But the price is very very steep! The small (mia) clarisonic costs around 7k-10k and even I do not expect myself buying that because I am just a student and do not have savings, and number 2, I can use that money to something else. But last December, I still had my online shop and it was very very successful that I was able to buy 1. and not just a mia. but a Clarisonic Pro complete system. I gave myself an excuse to buy this as a gift for me and my 2 sisters and my mom (i think that's worth it). if you'll look at my previous posts, I got this at a very low price. Until now (10 months), I have been using this brush, and I can say it is very very WORTH IT!

I was able to document this product last January. I keep on excusing myself to procastinate everything. lol.

the company in the USA was also a distributor of dermalogica. the company was very clever to label the box as a beauty sample. though I forgot to tell them to do that, they still did it. I picked the package at the post office and it only cost me 40 php for the fee and tax. NOIICEE!

sorry. upside-down =p

I was not able to take a photo of the box inside and how it was arranged. Nonetheless,  it includes 6 brushes actually. 2 brushes for the body, 1 normal head brush, 2 sensitive and 1 super sensitive. i also received a sample of dermalogica as freebies

cover of the box. I also got 4 cleansers together wth the brushes. 3 facial cleansers and 1 body polish

charger, brush and the brush holder. 

cleaning the brush head

the brush tool. the 4 dots give signal whether how high or low is your battery charge. if there are lights in the 4 dots, it means the brush is ON and so on. 

the tool without the brush. the lower button is for on/off. and the upper one is for  the level mode. 1 click is for the low vibration, 2nd-it gets more shaky (more vibration) and it can go until 4th level. the 5 is for the body polishing.

Until now, my sisters and I are using this and I can say that this is worth the money since I can use this for a long time. It has 1 year warranty, and the battery lasts long. let's say for 2 weeks if the 3 of us will use it once a day. and more than 1 month if I will be the only one to use it. If you would like to have one, I suggest you buy the clarisonic Mia. It has the same purpose with little specs. and you don't really need the to use the higher mode for cleansing for it is too harsh to use on your face. the body polishing is good, but you can live without it. and lastly, I suggest you use this once or twice a week since the brush is too harsh or maybe I am putting so much pressure on my hands when I use it on my face. it's really up to you. =p
By the way, any cleanser can be used with the brush EXCEPT those with scrubs. I guess you don't need that anymore. 

I am not good in reviewing a product. But I hope, you learn something from this. I want this to be casual and very brief.
if you are interested. Check to learn the benefits and for more info! :)


lovelywife_pettitmom said... Best Blogger Tips

nice blog hon..

lovelywife_pettitmom said... Best Blogger Tips

nice blog hon..

Maria Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

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Beatrice Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

If it is worth the money, them I'm probably gonna try it. Just need to have the money. hahaha =) Nice post!

I'm following you now, hope you can drop by mine=)

Pauline Reyes said... Best Blogger Tips

I also watch videos of Michelle Phan but I didn’t see this product on one of her videos. I became familiar with Clarisonic when my favorite online skincare shop Kallony introduced it to me. It’s a great product!

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